Got Questions about your Small Business Website?

We help small businesses get online through our small business website packages… and naturally we get asked lots of questions.

It is an exciting time for a business – getting a new website or redesigning a website.  For the non-tech amongst us it can also be daunting.  So here is a break down of some of the most commonly asked questions we get.

1. What is a website domain name?

A domain name is simply your website’s address on the Internet.  For instance

Read our full article ‘What is a website domain name’ for more information and tips on choosing the best website name for your website or blog.

2. What is website hosting?

Website hosting is where all your website’s files are kept.  To make your website accessible 24hrs a day 7 days a week you need to store it on a computer (called a server) that literally ‘serves it up’ to anyone that types in your website address.  Your hosting can also store your emails and manager your email addresses.

3. What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software that is installed on your hosting to manage your website’s appearance and content.  Websites generally include many links, images, text files and other pieces of content – having a piece of software to look after all of this for you can save you a lot of time.  You can learn more about this in our What is a Content Management System article.

4. What is WordPress?

WordPress is the content management system that we choose to build all our client’s websites on.  The reasons for this are many and we have written a whole article about Why WordPress for Small Business Websites.  There are other options but WordPress now powers over half of the World’s websites and with that comes a lot of advantages.

5.  How do I get my website found?

This is a complex question but the easiest answer:

  • Fill it with good content that is relevant to your business, product and service.
  • Keep that content fresh
  • Add to it when you can.
  • Make sure you connect your website with the rest of the World Wide Web (that is one of the reasons social media is so powerful – you can create instant sign posts to your website).

6. What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and do I need to worry about it?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring your website tells search engines exactly what it is about so that when people search for you, you show up in the search results.  Sound simple?  Well it is and it isn’t.  The basics should be taken care of by your website designer, however different industries vary greatly in how competitive (and how important) search engine rankings are.  If you do the steps in the ‘how do I get my website found’ question above, then you will naturally be improving your search engine optimisation but at some point you may also what to get some additional assistance from an expert.

7. What is Google Analytics and do I need it?

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to help you measure the number of people that come to your website, where they come from, how long they stay and what pages on your website they visit.  You can also setup goals so that you can see how many people that came to your website ended up buying something, filling in the contact form or subscribing to your newsletter.  Whether you feel that data is important to you, is up to you and your business / marketing objectives.

8. What is Google Webmaster and do I need it?

Google Webmaster is another free tool that is provided by Google but it is very different to Google Analytics.  Google Webmaster allows you to monitor how people are finding your website through Google.  It gives you information on what search terms they use to find you, where you appear in the search engine results, how many people click through to your website and also whether there are any issues with your website that might be affecting how  (or even if) you are appearing in the search results.  Again, how important this data is to your business is up to you.

9. What Social Media should I do, if any?

Social media – everyone has an opinion.  Yes, it is hard to get a return on investment that you can measure.  Yes, it does help your search engine optimisation.  Yes, it can become a time sink if you are not careful / disciplined.  Yes you should do it.  Even if it is the bare minimum – create your profiles (that way you have protected your branding by ensuring that you have your business name secured) and create at least one post a month (if that is all you can do) which includes a link back to your website.  Of course, every business is individual and you should evaluate it against your business / marketing objectives.

10.  What is the difference between website pages and posts?

Not much – posts are just a version of a website page that appears in date order within your blog or news feed whereas pages normally appear in your main menu and as sub-pages of those pages.   Posts can be ‘tagged’ with a keyword (such as apples) and placed in a category (such as desserts) in that way you can organise all your posts and easily search for them.  This is a big advantage if you have a website with lots of content.

We hope that answers some of your questions, if there are some we haven’t answered, please leave a comment below and we will add to the list!

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