The three basic mistakes you’re making with your online presence

There is no denying that an online presence is essential to the modern business success, and without social media marketing, a website, or a search engine presence, there is little hope for growth in this market. However, where most businesses trip themselves up is assuming the bare minimum is enough to compete in this hard-hitting online age, and neglecting the essentials of a dynamic digital marketing strategy.

In this article, we discuss the basics of your digital presence that are letting you down, and why fixing these mistakes will ensure you have the fundamental cornerstones to a growing online business.

Poorly targeted SEO

Any business with an online presence will have heard of SEO; search engine optimisation is one of the fastest growing online concepts, forms a crucial component of any inbound marketing matrix, and is easily the most misunderstood of any other concept. When we talk about SEO in laymen’s terms, we are referring to the way our online presence is targeted to attract our ideal customer. However, businesses neglect to accurately develop a profile of who their perfect customer actually is, what they like, where they shop, where they live, and how they buy.

Without this customer profile, building profitable SEO is near impossible, and what you end up with is untargeted, unspecific keywords that not only doesn’t attract the ideal customer but doesn’t attract any customers at all. Poorly targeted SEO is a common problem; despite your Google indexing, or having implemented the desirable page-level content, these technical practices are futile without target keywords.

Misuse of content marketing

No doubt someone has told you to add a blog to your website, and by a miracle, the visitors and sales will come flooding into your website the moment you do. This plan is a popular content marketing misconception, as this style of digital marketing isn’t as easy as set and go.

What business owners don’t truly understand is how much is involved in content marketing daily; building the blog into your website is just the first step. To generate an abundance of traffic using blogging, it’s essential you are posting new, dynamic articles weekly, creating niche-specific messages, and expanding your blog reach with all of your marketing efforts.

Content marketing isn’t just about blogging, however, and applying this concept to your entire website is essential. But as the most popular form, getting your blog right is the first step to the perfect content marketing strategy.

Underdeveloped website design

Having a website isn’t enough to sustain your business online. Like the other items on this list, the specifics of your website development is crucial to the type of business you are running and the customer you wish to attract, and any old website isn’t enough to generate profitability.

Online shopping is one of the key markets where accurate and targeted website development is paramount. Formulating eCommerce websites in a specific way encourages the visitor to buy as well as inciting repeat shopping. The design choices to support the buying process are through colour, font, image layout, and navigation choices, and by incorporating a call to action strategy with the overall harmony of the design.

We have only begun to scratch the surface of why your online presence isn’t generating the traffic and sales you expected. By addressing these basics, and ensuring the pillars of your marketing strategy is accurately in place, there is no reason why you can’t create a competitive online presence today.


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