3 eye-opening website marketing strategies to increase conversions

The internet has completely changed the way most businesses create and promote their brands, as many clients are engaging with brands online in order to make an informed purchase. A report released by Business Insider revealed that 60% of consumers are visiting search engines to get more information about brands before making their purchasing decision. This should not be surprising as Google records over 200 billion searches every month.

Has your business integrated website marketing strategies to capitalize on this windfall? Here are three website marketing strategies you should consider to increase conversions:

Integrate smart pop-ups

There are several smart marketing pop-ups for e-commerce websites that have proven they can significantly increase conversion rates and email lists, among other advantages. Some of the commonly integrated pop-ups consist of pushdown pop-ups, delayed pop-ups and exit-intent pop-ups. Depending on your business objectives and goals, you can create pop-ups with the aim of targeting specific customers from particular communication channels. Pop-ups can be easily controlled so that you can set when they appear and what type of visitors they target.

Design compelling videos for your brand

A recent survey by YouTube has revealed that most customers are visual shoppers. A one-minute-long video can drive the message home compared to an entire page filled with texts and blocks. Combining blog posts and videos can drastically increase your website e-commerce conversion rate. The study further found out that 20% of the consumers are likely to add a product to their cart after watching a short video. Make sure your videos are also professionally designed for search engine optimization so that potential customers can easily find them.

Take advantage of social media marketing

By the end of the year 2020, Facebook had an estimated 4 billion active users, remaining one of the most popular social media platforms among others. Social media platforms are great channels to talk to your community. Initiating conversation in your brand page comment section is a simple and great way to engage with your audience. Here, you can respond to various queries, address customer concerns, and direct your clients to where you want them by simply interacting with them. In the long run, you will be creating more conversions for your website.

Final words

Now that you have your business website running, you will want to increase your page traffic, get visitors to sign up for your brand newsletter, purchase your brand products and services, and make sure you retain them. By using these tips, you are in a better position to make your website convert new and returning customers. You can reach out to us if you need small business website design services.

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