3 Top Content Tools for Finding Social Media Posts:

Content Tools for Creating Social Media Posts For Your Small Business:

It is easy to lose time searching for content to include in your social media posts and time is a precious resource for small business owners.


  • How do you FIND great content to share on social media quickly and easily?  
  • How do you CREATE great content to share on social media?

Creating Social Media Content:

We all know that a picture tells a thousand words, and stock image sites such as Dollarphotoclub and Shutter Stock are fantastic for sourcing images but there is a third tool that is getting more and more widely used – Canva.  Like any new tool, there is a learning curve but Canva does make it simple to create great looking social media content easily.  It also allows you to upload images, so if you want to add your logo you can do this simply.

Don’t forget your smartphone can also be a great option for creating content… take a photo of a team member, new product or happy customer and share.

Finding Social Media Content:

The below tools are great if you want to curate an ongoing news feed of information that you can use for inspiration.

Remember to think like your customer.  What will they find interesting?  What would be useful and relevant to them?

3 Top Content Discovery Tools For Social Media Marketing:

1) Feedly. If you haven’t explored Feedly yet, and you are looking for some content ideas for social media, Feedly is a great way to setup your own personal online news portal. Spend 30 minutes setting it up and it will keep on giving you great content tips. https://feedly.com/
2) Paper.li this one is great if you want to setup your own online newspaper in about 5 minutes. It will be published publicly (where as just you can see your Feedly) and you can choose a daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc. You can set one up or just follow paper’s that have useful content. https://paper.li
3) Your Facebook Page. Follow page’s that have useful and interesting content that your customers might enjoy, and allow yourself 15 minutes of Facebook time to go through the ‘news’ once or twice a week.

Curating content (good content) may take some time to setup initially, but can save you a bundle of time in the long run and also provide you with some good social media networking opportunities.

If you come across a person or business that is creating good content, connect with them.  Show your appreciation by engaging with them.

Additionally, it can also provide you with educational reading material to digest over your morning coffee on the latest news, trends and happenings related to your business and keep you up to date with interesting tidbits to share with your customers.

If you are looking for more inspiration also check out Buzzsumo.

For more information on content curation, check out this podcast from Social Media examiner.

Finding and sharing good content with your audience also avoids the awkwardness of just talking about yourself on social media, a common mistake made by small business owners with limited social media experience.  You can read more about that in this article.  Creating content about your business (such as sharing branded graphics or website posts) versus content curation is a balancing act that you should refine depending on how your audience reacts.  Many photographers for instance find their audience want to see their photos… so creating and sharing their work more often is a great idea.  What works for your business best?  Check out your social media analytics to see each week / month exactly what your audience is reacting to and engaging with most.


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