3 ways a blog helps you with marketing your small business

Benefits of Starting a Blog for Marketing your Small Business:

You have heard that a blog can help your small business marketing.  But how?  And why would you incorporate a blog or news feed into your website?

What is a blog? It is simply a section of your website where you post articles on a regular basis, many businesses prefer to call it a news feed.  The articles are listed in chronological order with your most recent post / article / news item at the top of the list.

What are the benefits of a blog for marketing your small business online?

1) It’s all about the customer!
You can build trust and demonstrate your expertise, answer frequently asked questions plus give them useful information that they will thank you for.  We all know the cheapest form of marketing your business is a happy customer sending new business your way! For some small businesses their blog is a useful place to stay in touch with customers and let them know what is going on: upcoming events, new product lines, special offers and more. Plus blog or news posts can be easily incorporated into a monthly newsletter which means that you can give them a brief digest of the post, and if they want to read more they can follow the link to your website.

2) Being found in Google.
Google loves content. It really does. If you can create content that will help your customers find you, then you will get more leads. We share templates with our customers that help them to easily plan their posts so that they get the most search engine optimisation benefit possible for the time they spend creating posts.

“Every time you add a new blog post, you improve the odds that you will increase your (Google) page rank and draw more traffic by creating relevant, keyword-rich content. In addition, each post adds another indexed page to your site and demonstrates to Google that your website is being actively maintained and updated.”

3) Content for your social media.
You can share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, for example and these can all add additional links and sign posts back to your website. Once you have put in the work to writing a post, then publishing it to your social media networks creates additional value. Since SEO (getting found in search engines) is partially determined by social media this also helps you to get found by potential customers.

A couple of things to note:

  • It may take time to reap a result from your posting. If you are posting information your customers value and serving it them through email newsletters and social media, then you will get a more instant result. The benefits from additional search engine visibility will be longer term and so posting can be a marketing investment that builds up over time.
  • Do you often hear the same sales queries or questions? Perhaps customer support enquiries? Making note of these and including them in your posts can give you a handy reference point for if your customers need further information.

Some quick tips for getting the most marketing benefit out of your blogging:

  1. Also include it in an email newsletter
  2. Remember to share it on social media
  3. Aim for one post per month at first, set a date in your calendar and stick to it.   You will get quicker at them the more you do them!
  4. If you aren’t likely to do it yourself, consider asking us about our Digital Marketing Support services where we take care of the website updates, posts and social media for you.
  5. Keep a folder of ‘ideas’ on your computer so when the time comes to sit down and write you have plenty of content to get you started.
  6. Your industry peak body is often a great source of news which you can share with your customer.
  7. If you are doing extra ready be careful of reading ‘blogger guides’.  Professional blogging is very different to using blog posts for marketing your small business.

Want to know more? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below.

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