4 words you should use to sell via social media

Being economical in your ad copy or subject headline in social media marketing is important. People have a short attention span. Unless the right words are used in the ad copy or the subject headline, even the best offer or product isn’t likely to find their way into prospects’ minds.

Using the right words can draw attention. More importantly, it piques the interest of prospects. When your ad or email has successfully achieved this, you’ve taken prospects a few more steps up the sales funnel. But a word of caution: use them sparingly to avoid coming across as salesy. Let’s check out some of those words.

1. New

‘New’ connotes fresh, updated, progress, ahead, latest and trendy amongst other associations. It’s a game of upmanship people find themselves in, sometimes unconsciously. For example, “Try this new formulation to keep acne away.”

2. Imagine

In making a purchase, people are looking towards the product or service solving a problem they have. Whilst it is easy to understand the features of a product or service, sometimes they aren’t enough to convince prospects. Using the word ‘imagine’ to help them visualise the benefit of the solution helps. For example, “Imagine the ease of getting your 5-year old to bed with this collection of bedtime stories.”

3. Fast and effective

Yes, they are three words. But in the minds of prospects, they are a single and magical promise. Imagine the reaction when they read “For fast and effective relief from hangovers, use …” It’s hard to walk away from it on a Sunday morning after a night of partying the night before.

4. Realise

“Help your child realise his / her full potential with our 3-day Math camp!” or “Realise the investment potential of your block with our experienced team of builders.” Typically, the word is used when the need isn’t salient. It’s just simmering in their minds. ‘Realise’ takes them to the next stage of the buyer’s journey.

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