3 Business Consderations for 2014

Sit down with a cup of coffee and contemplate what bad habits you are going to break before the end of 2014 or perhaps it is time to brainstorm your next business innovation that keeps you one step ahead of the competitors.  Here are some areas that might help:

1.  What are your productivity killers?

“It seems that every day we hear about a new form of technology created to save us time, boost our productivity, and maximise our performance at work.But, according to a new CareerBuilder survey, the use of technology is actually one of the biggest productivity killers in the workplace.”

Here are the top 10 productivity killers in the workplace you’ll want to watch out for according to Business Insider:

  1. Mobile phone/texting
  2. Gossip
  3. The internet
  4. Social media
  5. Snack breaks or smoke breaks
  6. Noisy coworkers
  7. Meetings
  8. Email
  9. Coworkers dropping by
  10. Coworkers putting calls on speakerphone

2. How are these 7 areas of your business looking, where’s the slack?

  1. Sales.
  2. Expenses.
  3. Cash Flow.
  4. Employees.
  5. Technology.
  6. Marketing.
  7. Big Picture.

Which area do you need to put some extra time into?  Maybe it is the bookkeeping, perhaps the marketing, or perhaps it is time to take out half a day and review your last quarter, or half year results and consider the road forward?

3. Innovation?  What’s that?

Have you added any new innovations to your business recently?  What are your competitors up to.  It can be easy to slip into a comfortable pattern, but having something new to offer regular customers or to attract new customers can be as close as a brainstorming session away.

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