5 simple SEO tips for better rankings [video]

In this video we are going to introduce you to 5 simple SEO tips for better rankings.

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1. Optimise your titles, URL and descriptions

Revisit the copy of your website headings, links and descriptions and ensure that they are intuitive, meaningful and optimally cover your desired keywords.

2. Publish relevant content on a regular basis

There is big competition in every keyword you search and those websites that have the most useful and fresh content, have more chances of winning the race.

3. Make your website fast

Research indicates that 53% of people will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

4. Make your website mobile friendly

With increasing number of visitors now using mobile devices to browse the internet, you cannot afford to ignore how your website looks on mobile devices.

5. Write for your audience

Making your content easy to read and understand helps you make it useful to your readers.

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