5 steps to creating a social media marketing content strategy

In the fast-changing world of social media marketing, it’s not easy to keep track of what’s in and what’s not. The ‘victim’ of this is the absence of strategy in a brand’s or business’ content marketing. Without a strategy, your posts may not have a focal point or theme. There’ll appear haphazard. As a result, both prospects and even customers may find it difficult to pin ‘the big idea’ behind your content. Here are tips on how you can avoid that.

  1. Get your goals right

It’s more than just setting goals. That’s the easier part. But making sure they are in line with the overall business and marketing goals is the more daunting task.

  1. What success looks like

Define what success looks like early in the strategy development process. It’ll help in identifying a theme for your posts, which will ensure consistency.

  1. Who, where and when?

Know your target audience, where they can be found and when are they likely to be there. Its’ classic media planning strategy. Just because the internet is 24 hours, it doesn’t mean your audience is. Just because Tik-Tok or YouTube is the place to be, it doesn’t mean your audience is. Do your research!

  1. What’s the pain point to address?

People are inundated with information. Another blog on “How to fix a leaky pipe” isn’t going to change the world. There may be other issues your target audience wants to resolve, for example, “What level of experience should the plumber have to fix a leaky pipe?” Obviously, there are cost implications here, which in most cases is the Number 1 concern with plumbers people have.

  1. Substance and style go together

One doesn’t have the edge over the other. So, give your fullest attention to both. While we love to look at beautiful things, we are just as interested in an answer to a problem. The aesthetic draws them in, the substance keeps them engaged and potentially respond to you.

To learn more about these 5-steps and other winning qualities of a good content marketing strategy, book a strategy session today.

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