As a small business owner, it goes without saying that I know just how hard it is to grow a business. It’s tough. Continually having to “change hats” during the course of a day – an hour – is just something you have to get used to. Learning to stay focused and avoid distractions is absolutely critical to maintain momentum and to ensure you complete tasks efficiently and effectively. It’s all too easy to get side tracked by that email notification that you’ve been waiting for, or an update on social. No, this post isn’t about personal motivation, it’s about leveraging everything you can to the fullest extent – including your website. These web design tricks to grow your business are targeted to you – the small business owner – in the hope that you too can grow your business successfully by making the most of the (slim) resources you have!

1. An improved user experience will make your site more trustworthy

Making visitors feel safe, comfortable and at ease whilst on your website is critical. By having this positive experience, your increase your chances of not only visitors staying on your website longer, but also encouraging them to complete a purchase. A study by the Harvard Business Review on how customers decide whether to buy from your website resulted in one clear answer: trust. Building trust on a website is often a difficult thing to do, but having your websites experience a friendly and easy user experience, and a clear display of trust building credentials such as memberships, testimonials, reviews and more, all aid in supporting this end game.

2. Use videos to add personality

The idea of getting in front of the camera (most likely in selfie mode) and talking about what we do and love it a pretty daunting thing. Do I need to do my hair, make up, dress in corporate wear, eeekkkk so many things to consider! The bottom line is, so long as you are knowledgeable and personable, then pretty much everything else is (and should be) superficial.

There are some ridiculously amazing statistics about video and the impact that it has, but having a video landing page can make a massive difference to your conversion rate. In fact, studies have indicated that utilising video within landing pages can increase conversions by up to 70 percent. Having a person that your visitors can associate with can help to boost trust and credibility.

5 Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business

3. Artificial intelligence – not the creepy type

There are so many different versions of artificial intelligence (ie. the computer figuring out what you are doing, where you are, etc) – some of which can be incredibly creepy. Like when you go on that news website only to be shown “the latest specials in [home town]”, and how ads follow you from website to social and back again. As a marketer, I find this both creepy and admirable – these are marketers that know who they are going after and why. But I digress, the point here is to include AI (artifical intelligence) within your website that is both USEFUL and puts the CUSTOMER FIRST. Things like chat bots allow you to instantly connect with visitors – whether it is a message to let them know about the latest news or product offer, or an online support tool that asks “do you need help with anything?” It’s important to remember that whilst chat bots are great and interactive, if they provide the expectation of immediate/fast response but aren’t monitored, your visitors are going to be displeased and you will end up damaging your brand.

4. Parallax scrolling

Who what now? Parallax scrolling is basically an effect of an image – most often as a banner/background image – that moves at a different speed to the user scrolling on the site. This is a gentle form of animation that is often enough to capture your visitors attention. Using parallax scrolling can help boost your conversions, but be mindful of the level of animation that you have throughout your page because “busy” websites will just end up annoying your customer.

5. Animated call to action

As we just mentioned with parallax scrolling, drawing the eye and capturing the attention of your visitor is most critical when it comes to that all-important call to action. Animation does not have to be fussy or over-the-top, having a simple “bounce” animation is often enough to capture attention. Gone are the days where websites were akin to the lights of the Vegas strip (OMG divert your eyes), minimalism, simplicity and creativity are the name of the game. Do not feel you need to limit yourself to one call to action per page, this is absolutely┬ánot what you should do. Visitors need to be told – repeatedly – why you are awesome, what the best offers are, why they should give you their details, etc.

So there’s our 5 Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business. You may also wish to check out our ecommerce website design hints and tips, and just how critical your visitor’s first 59 seconds is. If you aren’t feeling confident about tackling this on your own, then you may want to take a look at our website health check and support packages.

Now – back to your multi tasking ­čÖé

5 Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business