6 Express SEO practices that will triple your eCommerce sales

The exciting thing about discussing SEO for e-commerce or in general is that it’s both science and art. It has this ability to deliver results based on discipline, fundamentals and creative. There is minimal grey area, it enjoys some stability and compliance, adds a certain predictability to it. Almost sounds guaranteed doesn’t it? Search engine optimisation is a well covered topic and a key driver in online sales but somewhat misunderstood. In this article, we are going to introduce you to 6 Express SEO practices that will triple your eCommerce sales.

1. Site Architecture

If you have your own site then you know it’s all about the crawl. Spiders prefer if you kept your site architecture as square or as simple as possible. This makes a crawl easy and fast meaning you make it to market quicker. Think SERPs product page indexing and compliance. Try not to go overboard with categories.

“A simpler site structure makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site and rank your products” – OptinMonster

Pro tip: Keep your product pages 3 clicks from your home page. Be sure to fill your home page with optimised content.

Pro tip: Focus on compliance and your product pages including photography. 3 click architecture also applies.

2. Sell more products and in more places

Triple your e-commerce sales by tripling your listings. This will give you an additional income stream. Source things that people want over and over again i.e fashionable clothing, car seat covers, kitchen air filters, lamps, back brace support garments and mobile phone accessories. Depending on what you’re selling its a great idea to cover your local region as well.

“Put all your eggs in the one basket and – WATCH THAT BASKET” – Mark Twain

Pro tip: Source products and resell them for a margin on Amazon and eBay. Local transactions mean lower shipping rates and more profit. Both sites come with fees including a fee for the supply of traffic.

Pro tip: Retail arbitrage. A retail store (such as OzBargain, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Apple) sells a product (either online or in-store) for a certain price. You purchase that product and sell it for a higher price.

3. Stay in the pocket

Most of us spend a large amount of hours in front of a screen. Take a breather and head out for a night or day. Throw on your favourite blazer and head to a French restaurant or arrange a +1 group hike. The purpose of this exercise is to meet and talk to friends and new people, listen to how they describe things they spent money on or bought online for untapped keywords, product source and descriptions.

Pro tip: Got a healthy Instagram page? Great, so you already take your best camera and a charger. You want new quality photos to turn into brilliant Instagram posts.

4. Keywords or user intent

The most prolific keyword search tools I’ve ever seen are both free and unhinged. Amazon suggest and GKP Google keyword planner. Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in the world, that means it receives the most searches resulting in a database of exact search entries, enter a keyword that describes a product you want to sell and Amazon gives you a list of long tail keywords.

Pro tip: long tail keywords convert better than short search terms. They are also less competitive. Pay attention to suggestions with a category.

Warning: Search terms can give away user intent. They tell you if they are buying or browsing. Buy now search phrases are great closers but can be competitive

5. Avengers Assemble

Keep an eye on Search Engine Optimization changes by assembling a list of go to SEO e-commerce websites for news, guides and tools like Keyword Tool Dominator. Subscribing to these sites means you can read from your desktop over your morning protein shake.

Pro tip: Sites like Semrush, MOz and ahrefs should be in the top 4 of your Avengers list. Exhaust the free tools available while you read. Amazon suggest and Google keyword planner are more than adequate. list 3 products before weekend to triple your e-commerce sales.

Pro tip: Build a SEO checklist for every product page to follow before you publish

6. Read these two books

How To Get To The Top Of Google: The Plain English Guide To SEO Kindle Edition by Tim Cameron-Kitchen.

The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization Paperback – 5 Sep 2015 by Eric Enge.

Pro tip: focus on link building, On-Page seo and matching products to keywords


Summary: Sell more and in more places. Without listings or content there is no seo.









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