There’s no denying that video is powerful. When a still image can speak one thousand words, imagine the influence moving images matched with music and speech can do. Video is no longer an option but a necessity if you want to get the most out of your eCommerce business. You can use video multiple ways on your desktop and mobile sites to increase your engagement and revenue in no time, but that’s not that only reason.

Here are 6 reasons why your eCommerce marketing strategy needs video:

People Are Visual Creatures

6 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Needs Video

According to the WyzOwl “The State of Video Marketing 2016” report, 69% of consumers prefer to watch video than read about a product. Furthermore, WyzOwl and several other reports concluded that 76% of consumers favour videos for discovering more about their choice brands. The reason behind this is simple. People are largely visual. Video is easier to consume and much more interactive than reading a description and trying to visualize what a product looks like through pictures.

Video Is Best For Mobile Customers

6 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Needs Video

Since 2013, the use of mobile phones for viewing video has grown 233%. Mobile phone browsing also now far outweighs desktop searching. Additionally, YouTube reports mobile video viewing goes up around 100% annually. These are huge numbers that prove a lack of video marketing is a big mistake. Since mobile phone usage is growing faster and faster around the world and more sites are prioritizing the mobile experience, it’s time to jump aboard that ship, too.

Video Boosts SEO

Bet you didn’t expect video to get your higher rankings on the SERPs, but it’s true. Google loves video. Here’s why: video means people spend more time on your site, because they’re watching your content. This long-term exposure signals to Google that your website is credible. Moovly reported that your site is 53 times more likely to show up on the first results page if you have a single video embedded on your website. Just one! Plus, since Google and YouTube have joined forces, hosting your videos on YouTube increases your exposure, gets your more views, and shows even more authority in your industry.

Video is also shareable. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even lesser known social networks all have video. What you need to remember, though, is that this is not solely about keywords and stating facts like the text on your site. You’re speaking to a huge audience, some who have no idea who you are. Be sure to emote, engage, and prompt the audience to act in some way. That’s what social media is all about—and even social media ties into SEO!

Video Has Great ROI

While video production is neither cheap nor easy, the return of investment (ROI) you get makes it worthwhile. Online video editing tools are ubiquitous, and you can get decent software for relatively cheap. If you have zero confidence in your video creation and editing skills, there are freelancers or professionals who can help you develop a video marketing strategy that is within your budget.

The best part is that even with video, the content is king. It’s been found through research that even if a video looks like it came out of Hollywood, people aren’t going to be interested if it doesn’t answer their questions and concerns. Low quality matters less. Therefore, even if the voice acting is mediocre and you don’t use any special effects, you can still generate more leads and revenue by merely featuring excellent content.

Trust and Reliability

6 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Needs Video

In the same WyzOwl report we mentioned earlier, 93% of companies had found that product videos helped consumers under their products, and 64% of those companies believed having video boosted sales. They weren’t wrong. Some business that started including product videos, including explainer videos and 360-degree views of the product, saw an increase of customer purchases by an insane 144%!

One of the ways video is key for trust and reliability is because of the chance you have to state your case quickly and efficiently. Explainer videos can promote new ideas, introduce your mission, and so on. That’s why 45% of business have an explainer video on their homepage. You can let your creativity unfurl, too. For businesses that handle concepts or more technical aspects, such as construction or information technologies, you can create short educational films that help demystify your industry.

Video Can Tweak Your Email Campaign

When you have content that needs to be revisited and reimagined, think about sending it out as a video email campaign. Introductory emails that contain video have been shown to increase click-through rates by 96%. Have a promotion going on? Send a short commercial clip explaining the excitement. Video is an excellent way to reconnect with those people on your mailing list, because you can send videos that detail recent developments and reintroduce them to your business.

Video advertising is an affordable and widespread practice that increase engagement with your eCommerce site and even increase profits when done right. If you’re looking to adopt video, there’s no better time than now. Making video has become easier than ever, and you can share those videos to attract even more attention.

Now, it’s all about videos and unleashing your creativity!