6 Ways to Increase Sales with Social Media

Social media has rapidly gone from being a place to network with friends to digital microcosms of the world where businesses launch and consumers search for their next purchase by asking for recommendations and engaging with providers who have the products they are looking for. Because of this, social media is an underestimated facet in business. If you have yet to jump into social media marketing, you are ignoring millions of customers worldwide.

Below you will find 6 ways to increase sales with social media while simultaneously upping brand recognition and implementing a cost-effective marketing strategy. Let’s have a look.

1. Integrated Chat Apps

Many ecommerce platforms have started using messaging services within their website to help customise and personalise the online user experience and directly coincide with social media management. The reason for this is because chatting increases retention and engagement, and customers use them regularly to have direct, immediate satisfaction. In other words, if you are not directly communicating with guests, you are missing out on a tremendously social point of ecommerce. There is one caveat, however: do not use automated chat bots. People want to speak to people, not something inhuman.

In short, real-time communication, whether it is in the form of Facebook messaging, replies to tweets, or responding to comments on the latest photo your marketing staff posted online, is a form of chatting you shouldn’t overlook; but if you offer a service where questions may need immediate attention, you should think about creating a chat service directly on your website.

Integrated chat apps customer journey boost sales

2. Encourage Customers To Share Their Journey

Successful transactions should always be rewarded in some way. Although you can talk about yourself until you run out of oxygen, a thumbs up review from a previous customer is highly advantageous. Here’s why: word-of-mouth marketing. Consumers are more likely to buy from someone who has multiple positive reviews and good rapport with their previous customers.

It is also fine if not all the feedback is 100% positive. By responding and owning up to any mistakes, you show potential customers that you are willing to go above and beyond to correct your mistakes. This makes your business relatable and is all a part of social media management.

3. Monitor Conversations

As mentioned above, you can use multiple platforms for social media marketing to create a conversation. The same goes for monitoring what people are saying about your business and practices. For example, review websites where people can post their opinions about what you provided them should not scare you. While negative feedback might be discouraging, it can also benefit you. Keep tabs on the audience on review sites, your social media pages, and other platforms where you will be able to award advocates, mitigate negative experiences, provide explanations, identify pain points, track commendations, and gauge the motivation of those who have or have not used your services.

Note when people are talking about you. Then do your best to respond in some way. The more you know about what people are saying, the more insight you get to attract them.

4. Actionable Socialization

By making it easier for your audience to purchase your services and/or products on multiple outlets, you are increasing convenience and satisfaction. Social-driven retailers are rapidly growing, thanks to the invention of the buy button. Buy buttons eliminate the extra step of visiting the original website by allowing the customers to make a secure purchase within the social media site they are using. One example of this would be the buy button Facebook introduced back in 2014. Others include the Pinterest Buyable Pins, which increase the reach of the product and maximize revenue. If you are using these kinds of sites for online advertising, then you should be utilizing actionable social buttons and links too.

Actionable Socialization

5. Curated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a kind of unique social media marketing that takes the content that is created and exchanged by the fans, followers, and consumers on social platforms for a number of reasons. UGC is an asset to sales on social media. According to Business Insider, consumers who see UGC are 97% more likely to convert than those who don’t see it. UGC demonstrates that people are using your services, buying your products, and enjoying these purchases. Curated content also increases engagement and interest. If you aren’t offering ways for your customers to affiliate with you, you should start thinking of strategies to make use of UGC.

6. Coupons & Events

What do coupons, events, contests, giveaways, and promotions all have in common? You are playing on urgency and limitations—two things that are functional in marketing when you want to get a quick rise out of people. Flash sales, coupons, and other events drive attention to your website and your brand because everyone is looking for a bargain. Additionally, people will continue their engagement with your brand if there is something to look forward to, such as seeing if they are a contest winner or building up points for special discounts.

Promotions events discounts giveaways social media marketing

Other ways to integrate social media into these events is to do exchanges. For example, if you want to draw people to your Instagram page, you might have a photo contest. If you want more likes Facebook or followers on Twitter, you might offer coupons in exchange for these actions. Now, you have people who are part of your community, and the rewards they receive for this action will increase their interest in going farther down the purchase funnel.

Social media marketing now goes hand-in-hand with the user experience and customer experience. If your business is not a part of the biggest platforms out there, you are not only decreasing engagement, but you are missing out on chances to enhance your reputation and authority, generate interest, and find loyal customers who are willing to refer others to your website. By following these 6 ways to increase sales with social media, you will come out on top.



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