In the highly competitive digital world, where content and the user experience is the ultimate decider in whether your business survives or not, you sometimes have to extend your efforts just a little bit further than you do in the real world. To keep customers coming back to your services or products, you need to show them how much you care. With one of the most romantic holidays—Valentine’s Day—right around the corner, you have that chance to spread the love.

Here are six ways to show your customers some love:

1. Valentine’s Day Promotions

Who doesn’t love discounts? Depending on your industry or niche, you can introduce a special Valentine’s Day sale. For example, you could have a 14% off sale on Valentine’s Day or offer free delivery on select items aimed at couples. You could send out gift cards to people with birthdays on February 14th, hold contests and giveaways, or even offer buy 1, get 2 deals for couples.

When developing a promotion, it’s essential to use buzzwords associated with Valentine’s Day. Talk about spending the day with a “special someone,” or “love,” “chocolate,” and “hearts.” For instance: “Will you be our Valentine? Here’s a special sweetheart discount we know you will love. Buy 1 and get 2 free when you shop on Valentine’s Day.”

Another way to run a promotion is to give back to the community. Use the month of Valentine’s Day to run a charitable event that gets customers involved, too. You can take a percentage of the money you make then donate it to a cause, like a children’s hospital, homeless shelter, or any other charity that deserves a little love.

6 Ways To Show Customers Some Love on Valentine’s Day Promotion

2. Video Valentines

There’s a couple of ways you can share the love on Valentine’s Day with video. First, you can create a special promotional video that thanks your customers and send it to them via email. The video shouldn’t talk about services or products. Rather, it should promote the appreciation you feel for the support of your customers throughout the years. Tell them how much their contributions have aided in your business’ growth and development. Let them know how you will continue to service them in the future.

Another way to make a Valentine’s Day video that will warm the hearts of your consumer base is to offer a video series that does talk about ways your business can help people make their Valentine’s Day more memorable. You can talk about gifts, DIY ideas, places where people can go for Valentine’s Day, or create a slideshow that is set to romantic music. Then, you share your video on social media, email it to customers, and play the video on your website homepage. After all, everyone needs inspiration for how to liven up their Valentine’s Day and make it special.

3. Send A Love Letter

Love letters can be done several ways. You can also tailor a love letter to match your niche. For example, if you’re heavily engaged in social media, you can write personalised messages to followers, tag frequent buyers in a Valentine’s Day themed post, or even use user generated content as part of your holiday promotions. For example, if you have an influencer or ambassador who mentions your product, you can highlight that in an appreciation post filled with love. Encourage customers to showcase their love for either your brand or your services and products with special hashtags and content then give them something in return for their interactions, such as promotional items or discount codes.

This is an excellent way to help others gain exposure while working on your own brand image and reputation.

love letter handwritten

4. Small Gifts or Free Samples

If you have a business that sends out products, then you can give a little something extra. When customers open their packages and receive an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift, it’s going to wow them and make them feel valued and appreciated. When a customer receives special treatment, it will make them much more likely to become a repeat customer.

Have a tight budget? You can decrease the value of the gift depending on the person. Do they have a membership with you? Are they VIP? First time buyer? Changing the gift or who you send the gifts to can help reduce costs. Coupon books also work well, as well as logo stickers (which is great for everyone involved).

Some gift ideas include complimentary branded mugs, pens, pencils, pins, stickers, hats, and shirts; add-on items, upgrades, and discount cards; or even handwritten thank you notes.

5. Listen To Your Customers’ Feedback

What separates an okay presence from an outstanding one? The best brands listen to their customers. And you know what experts say about the power of active listening! When you both listen to gather information then enact a change that reflects what the customers were telling you about, you show how much you care. How does this play into Valentine’s Day? Roll out a significant change based on feedback on February 14th. Ramp up the excitement with email newsletters that look like a Valentine’s Day card.

6. Remember All The Singles

Not everyone has a date for Valentine’s Day, and some people don’t celebrate it at all—but that doesn’t mean these individuals have to be left out. Be that person’s Valentine. Rather than running campaigns and posting blogs and other content aimed at couples or lovey-dovey relationships all the time, you might want to launch some more cynical or satirical content (especially if that’s part of your brand to begin with). Offer special gifts to those who are single, such as discounts, or make a “Single’s Day” on your website where you show your appreciation to those customers who aren’t partnered up for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day is a fabulous chance to show your customers how much you love and appreciate their support. Give back a little of that love this year with special Valentine’s Day promotions, emails, and more. Use any or all of the six tips outlined above, and you’ll be sure to get your message across!

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