7 Simple tips to make your digital marketing messages more powerful

Want to make your digital marketing messages more powerful?

Communication is one of the most overlooked and underrated skills in business. It’s often seen as a soft skill… something that’s useful, but not essential.

The business owner who is unable to communicate their vision, is likely to struggle just as much as the business owner who has no vision.  Poor communication can quickly lead to frustration for instance if you are not being found by your potential customers.  Whether it is for being able to summarise what you do clearly and succinctly for networking events, or promoting your products and services online, if you want to attract more business then you want to make your marketing messages more powerful.

Here are some top tips for making your digital marketing messages more powerful:

When preparing a digital marketing message:

  1. Consider / research your audience – who is it you want to communicate with?
  2. Think of the core points you want to make. List them in order.
  3. Does your message have a call to action?  What do you want it to achieve
  4. Stay on track, don’t add unnecessary words… be harsh and cut back anything that isn’t serving you main points.
  5. Avoid buzz words. Use plain speaking whenever possible.
  6. Consider what visuals you will use to back up / accompany your message
  7. What channels are you going to use to deliver your message?
  8. When people respond, listen, really listen, to their feedback. Look for common misunderstandings and adjust your message to avoid them recurring.


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