WordPress Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is a website creation tool that is probably the most powerful website content management system (or CMS) in existence today, while also being easy for users to take control or and edit their own website.

Using a website designer that has years of experience putting together WordPress websites for small business allows you to get the best look, feel and functionality out of your WordPress website to suit your business needs and budget.

Just like you have software on your personal computer to create documents, WordPress is a software that allows you to create documents on your website. It also manages the way your website looks to visitors.

The WordPress software is installed and stored on your website rather than on your computer and you access it through your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)

More specifically WordPress is a content management system or CMS for short. The WordPress software helps you manage all of the content on your website (words, photos, graphics, video, music, links and more) and displays it where you need it to suit your website design.

Anyone who has spent time managing a large website with lots of links and content can tell you how great it is to have a piece of software doing the hardwork and heavy lifting for you!

WordPress is a software and like all software there is an initial learning curve as you find your way around. Many of the icons and symbols are similar to those you will find in your word-processing software, however there is some basic knowledge that needs to be acquired.  Plus, your WordPress website will have a theme installed on it to control the overall look, feel and functionality and some plugins.  These can also take time to learn the added functionality (such as tourism reservations, website forms, graphical sliders) although some people prefer to leave this to their web design company or webmaster.

As WordPress is a software it is constantly being updated to improve security and enhance its functionality it is highly recommended to ensure you keep your WordPress software up to date as older versions are more vulnerable to being hacked. This is the same for any website.

One added benefit of WordPress is that it is continually being improved by a large community of developers, so you just need to remember to backup your website and then press the ‘update’ button.

The uses for WordPress websites are almost limitless.  From large publishing websites like LifeHacker through to Real Estate Websites, Photography and Artist Websites, Tourism and Travel Websites, Blogs and Business Websites. With the use of plug-in’s (similar to ‘apps’ on your smartphone) that increase the functionality of WordPress Websites, the skill when using WordPress to build a websites is how to harness the right tools and put the right design elements in place to ensure that you have an effective website that converts visitors into leads and sales.  It’s perhaps the extent of functionality, flexibility, scalability and ease of access that has contributed to its success and why so many people love using the WordPress platform.  Together with it’s continued development to ensure that it is always a powerful and cutting-edge online software.

WordPress gives you full access to your content and publishing.  It makes online content creation, and sharing, simpler and more effective.  You can create a new page or article on your website and share it on social media, email it to your customers and search engine optimise it to appear in Google searches.

WordPress gives the user complete flexibility to use the platform as they wish. You can: create a page, add content, add media (such as images, music, videos, pdfs) and so much more with a few clicks of a button and you’re able to go back anytime and edit or add more.

If you ever find yourself a bit lost within the site or aren’t quite sure how to navigate your way, they have a completely helpful community with forums and friendly people who are ready to help you with whatever questions or problems you may have encountered along the way.

Online Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimisation is possibly the most cost effective online marketing technique.  Once you have invested in a website you want people that are searching for your product and services to find you.  That is where search engine optimisation (commonly called SEO) comes in.

Success in SEO is dependent on understanding the most important SEO ranking factors which give you the best position and then working hard to perform better than competitors. – Smart Insights

The main benefits of search engine optimisation are:

1.  Get the visitors you want to your website (aka potential customers). If SEO hasn’t been a part of your website content considerations, you may be surprised what your website is ranking well for… and it may be completely irrelevant to your business.   One of the key objectives of search engine optimisation is to get your website found by people that are searching the web for what you offer.

2.  Low cost. There is not cost associated with ranking well in Google organic search engines, other than the effort to get your there.

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Content marketing is all about telling a story, and can be both offline and online.

Online, content marketing takes many forms from viral videos to ebooks, social media campaigns to infographics. Content marketing can also be successfully leveraged to drive an audience from offline to online and vice versa – for example, using social media to drive awareness to an offline event.

The definition of Content Marketing according to the Content Marketing Institute is;

…a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

So, in a nut shell, it is building a strong relationship with your target audience via a long term strategy through delivering high quality, relevant content on a consistent basis. In turn, this helps to build a level of loyalty to incline your target audience to purchase your product over a competitor’s.

The first step to creating any new small business website or blog is to register a website address otherwise called a website ‘domain name’.  This is simply the address your website lives at on the World Wide Web:

i.e. www.mydomain.com.au

Obviously the ‘www’ bit stands for WorldWideWeb.

The ‘mydomain’ part is where you want to put the most thought.

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It is simply marketing that incorporates videos.  That sounds really simplistic (and it is) but bringing it back to the basics is important.   If you take 5 minutes this week to point your smartphone video camera at an employee and ask them to introduce themselves to your customers, then email that to your customers.  You have just done video marketing.  At it’s more illustrious end it is about big marketing budgets poured into campaigns to create the next viral video sensation to coincide with the footy finals.

For a small business you can choose for your video marketing  to be adhoc or part of a planned, strategic marketing campaign.  You can use it to promote your company, product or service by creating (for example) customer testimonials, reviews and explanatory or ‘how to’ videos.

Video marketing isn’t new but understanding the growing and evolving way that it is engaged with through the Internet, especially social media and mobile use is can be beneficial to your business.

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Social media can be a cost effective & affordable way for small business for small businesses to stay in touch with customers, generate new leads, network and promote their business.

Social media marketing is essentially any marketing activities you do for your small business on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tripadvisor, etc.

What is social media marketing good for?

  • Event promotion
  • Advertising
  • Sharing branded content
  • Promoting your website content
  • Promoting a special offer
  • Networking

and much, much more…

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. – Search Engine Land

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Digital marketing for small business is how you get your business found online.

It is the promotion of your products or brands through one or more forms of electronic media and is sometimes called: internet marketing, online marketing, content marketing and more. It can include email, social media, your website, text messages and online advertising. While many small businesses do a little bit of some of those things to promote themselves online, they often don’t do it consistently or strategically – and this gives your business an opportunity to do it better.

digital marketing encompasses such a variety of promotional techniques and mediums to reach potential customers that a large part of our work here at Get Online Australia is to stay on top of all the latest technologies and strategies so that you don’t have to. As a small business there is enough to juggle without staying au fait with the latest online ‘must haves’ – so we do it for you! Not only that, we cut through the noise to determine the best tools and strategy for you to reach your potential customers and are able to ignore the fads that might otherwise take up precious time and financial resources.

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Hosting, Email & Other Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. All our website packages include a domain name of your choice (subject to availability) and one year of web hosting.

Yes. Our website packages not only include a web hosting and a domain name of your choice (subject to availability), but also up to five email addresses.

All our websites are developed with a fully responsive design, so they are easy for your customer to read, navigate and ultimately buy or contact you from a mobile, tablet or computer.

No. As a small business ourselves, we understand just how important it is to keep ongoing costs to a minimum. That’s why all our websites, upon final payment, are completely yours – ready to maintain, edit and adjust as you need to yourselves (or we can help you out too!). Our websites also come with one year web hosting for your business, or you can have a web host of your own choice*.

* Limited support available on external hosts.

It’s best that you contact us via our email, or using our contact form.