Alexander Plumbing

Alexander Plumbing, Website Rejuvination & SEO

A local Cairns plumber, Alexander Plumbing was looking to modernise their website, ensure mobile responsiveness and great user experience, optimise performance and improve search engine presence.

The Solution

Get Online Australia ran extensive testing and subsequent performance upgrades to the website including:

  1. Image optimisation
  2. Browser caching
  3. Minification of JS, CSS, etc
  4. Defered parsing of JavaScript
  5. Serve scaled images

Additionally, the site was reviewed and improved for mobile responsiveness, as well as given a “fresh look” to keep the site looking modern and attractive.

The Results

Performance results as reported by GTmetrix:

  • Fully Loaded Time: 11.8s –> 3.3s
  • Total Page Size: 1.74MB –> 579KB
  • Requests: 173 –> 16
  • PageSpeed score: 62% –> 98%
  • YSlow Score: 75% –> 95%

Responsiveness tests run across 95 different browsers/devices/configurations.

Performance Reports from GTmetrix:


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