Liked the undrinkable drink idea? We did too! Here’s a few more ideas..

  • Joke 1: Healthy Lollipops

    This one requires you to get a little creative in the kitchen. Cut broccoli into small segments.  Then, add lollipop sticks and tissue paper.  Offer the lollipops to your kids after school and watch their as their confusion grows. A little advice – have a sweet treat on hand !

  • Joke 2: Snack Switcheroo

    Open your child’s favourite snack from the bottom, replace with another equally favourite treat and reseal the bag with tape. Watch your child’s confusion when they open the snack!

  • Joke 3: A Rocking Prank

    Pretend you’ve found some rocks in the backyard and watch their shock and horror when you bite into one. Be prepared to share when they realise they are actually chocolate candy rocks!

  • Joke 4: Bath Time Fail

    Paint a new bar of soap with clear nail polish. Leave to dry and put the non-sudsing soap in the bath and wait for the questions to start!

April Fools Day

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