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A Change in Mindset – Shopify vs WooCommerce


For those who have known us for a while, and even from casually browsing our website, it is plainly clear that we are big advocates of WordPress. However, it is on this front that we have made a significant change in mindset. As we specialise in small business we often discuss budgets and options with [...]

A Change in Mindset – Shopify vs WooCommerce2019-11-29T13:26:18+11:00

Using WordPress effectively for small business


WordPress is an incredibly robust content management system (CMS) allowing the development of virtually any type of website. The world agrees - with almost a quarter of all current websites built using this platform. WordPress is designed to make search engine optimisation (SEO) easy and to make website design accessible both in flexibility and affordability. [...]

Using WordPress effectively for small business2019-11-13T11:27:39+11:00

Does your business need SEO?


The Power of SEO Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a term that pops up time and time again in the world of online small business marketing. It’s the practice of cleverly designing websites and online content so that it appears towards the top of search results, drawing in maximum traffic. But how necessary is [...]

Does your business need SEO?2019-10-21T12:18:53+11:00

Is your nose pressed too close to your small business website?


This headline might well evoke an image of a kid, nose pressed to the glass of a toy shop, looking longingly inside. It might also bring to mind an artist, brush beside nose, adding lots of fine detail to their canvas. Neither is prepared to step back, which brings us to your small business [...]

Is your nose pressed too close to your small business website?2019-09-17T15:04:54+10:00

Facebook Marketing: An Introduction


If you are not promoting your service, product, or company on Facebook, you’re behind the curve. With close to a billion users active on the social network, Facebook lets you interact with your target market in ways that your blog or website can’t. Now is the time to jump the Facebook bandwagon if you [...]

Facebook Marketing: An Introduction2019-09-17T15:04:54+10:00

Four ways to create an interactive eCommerce experience for your customers


In today’s world, eCommerce websites are a must-have for every retail business. However, some of these websites do not engage customers as much as they could, which is the difference in how effective they are at promoting business growth. Creating an interactive eCommerce experience for your customers will help engage your customers and websites. [...]

Four ways to create an interactive eCommerce experience for your customers2019-09-17T15:04:55+10:00

Beginners Guide to Content Marketing


So you want to know a little more about Content Marketing? Fair enough! It's one of the foundations of online marketing strategies implemented by small business (and large) across the world. Why? Because it's impact can be felt across not just one, but several of a business's online channels including website, YouTube, social, etc - [...]

Beginners Guide to Content Marketing2019-09-17T15:04:56+10:00

How to get a website for your startup


Get a website presence for your business startup Do you have a great idea and want to start registering future customers? Create a simple website presence that clearly conveys what you are offering and give your startup business or idea a marketing launch pad. Give your startup idea or business an online launchpad. Are you trying to [...]

How to get a website for your startup2019-09-17T15:04:56+10:00

Why WordPress for your small business website?


We have been working with the WordPress CMS for over ten years, and it continues to evolve and improve thanks to its global network of developers. Often we are asked the question: Why WordPress? Many people often compare WordPress to SquareSpace, or WordPress vs Joomla, so we thought we would answer why WordPress for [...]

Why WordPress for your small business website?2019-09-17T15:04:56+10:00