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7 Elements of Modern Website Design That Your Business Needs

Do you post top-rate content and still get low traffic? Do you use keywords properly but have a high bounce rate? People may be missing your great website because of your web design choices. Today, we'll show you the top, up-to-date ways to get and keep traffic with website design. Read on to see [...]

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Top 5 Common Website Mistakes

Websites come in many shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Whilst some are absolutely exceptional, others can leave you screaming in frustration. Whilst there are some common website mistakes that leave us a little annoyed - like extra loud, auto-play videos - the following mistakes are what can be most problematic for business. As the [...]

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6 Marketing Tips to Boost your Business

Marketing can be a complex and difficult field, especially if you are just starting out. Here are six tips to help you begin successfully marketing your business. Know your ideal customer You can’t build a good marketing strategy without knowing who you’re selling to.  Take the time to research your [...]

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Guide to Small Business Branding

Good branding is great for businesses, no matter whether you are small or giant, operate locally or internationally. What is branding? Branding is what people think and feel about your business. What do your customers actually see when they see your brand? It is important to remember that your brand is not limited to a logo [...]

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What’s included in your Website Price?

As a small business, your website is the first impression many people will have of your business. This means it is crucial for your website to feature an eye-catching, fully-responsive website design that catches the eye on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.  Your website is more than just an online brochure, it is the [...]

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How much does a Basic Website Cost?

A basic website typically consists of five web pages – home, about us, contact, news and either a products or services page. The range of a basic website can vary considerably between website design and development companies based on what is included. For a five page website you can expect to pay anywhere from [...]

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Digital Marketing for Small Business: Easy Mistakes to Avoid

Digital marketing for small business can be a daunting task, particularly with lingo like keywords, linking strategies, retargeting and acronyms like SEO, SEM, PPC, PPI, thrown around like lollies at Halloween! It doesn't have to be complicated and nor does it have to be intimidating. To help you with your digital marketing for small [...]

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What is an online marketing strategy?

Basically, an online marketing strategy is determining how you will achieve your marketing goals.  People sometimes confuse strategy with tactics.  However, there is a clear difference.  The best way to understand that difference is to think of strategy as planning while tactics are the actions taken as dictated by a plan. Who is your [...]

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Improving Customer Satisfaction in eCommerce

The Internet has changed the nature of business, forever. Today, customers buy from all over the world and while there are certain mega-retailers, like Amazon, anyone can start an online business for very little investment. The very ease with which an Internet business can be started means that competition is high. There's no such [...]

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Countdown to Christmas Digital Marketing Campaign

Tic, toc, the clock is ticking away and Christmas is fast approaching. Are you ready? Do you have your Christmas digital marketing campaign prepared? Planning your Christmas Marketing Campaign 1. Start planning.  Shopping centres and supermarkets take down the Halloween pumpkins and cobwebs and start hanging [...]

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