Avoiding anti-social media marketing

Over nine out of every ten small businesses make use of key social media marketing platforms. Now, surely no business would deliberately set out to annoy its customers through this medium. True? well, you’d hope so, but the benefits of social media marketing can be hampered by a range of actions – mostly inadvertent – that can anger or simply frustrate both current and potential customers.

Let’s look at three common problems, both with the type of content that is posted, and then the level of responsiveness shown to any comeback from others on social media.

Not being careful with humour or opinion

If you look through social media outlets, it won’t be long before you come across examples of what might be called ‘dodgy humour’ or in the reposting of an opinion-based piece – without appreciating that there is more than one opinion! Doing this personally is one thing – but it’s not unusual to see business-owners doing the same things. Customers might violently disagree or disapprove of such content – with the potential, and unnecessary, loss of business.

Posting only ‘aren’t we great’ information

This is where companies or organisations end up appearing like the person you are introduced to at a party (remember when we had them) who then only talks about themselves – and always, amazingly, in glowing terms. Of course, good news can be shared, but it’s important to connect it to the key needs, wants, problems to be solved or benefits to be gained, that readers – potential customers – find important. Finding such help will also make them more likely to share content with others who they know will also be interested.

Providing only unresponsive social media postings

Many companies might post good content – say on Facebook – but then never deal with the responses to it. There is no thank you for a positive message, and neither is there any attempt to professionally deal with any complaints or more negative comments. Even questions that show interest from a respondent are simply left to wither and die. Or, alternatively, are responded to by another person – and perhaps not in the way you would want them to – making a successful outcome even less likely.

How can we help with your social media marketing presence?

Our packages are tailored to gain positive audience engagement, and our Get Online Australia team are always happy to undertake a free consultation with you to better understand the specific needs of your small business. View our social media marketing for small business packages here.

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