Does your business need SEO?


The Power of SEO Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a term that pops up time and time again in the world of online small business marketing. It’s the practice of cleverly designing websites and online content so that it appears towards the top of search results, drawing in maximum traffic. But how necessary is [...]

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Websites fail to retain their ranking position across mobile and desktop


A new study performed with SEMrush's 'Organic Research Tool' has found large differences in search result displays between mobile and desktop. In fact, it has been reports that only 13% of websites retained their ranking position across both platforms. The study investigated web address and domain position differences for 50,000 random keywords. The results: [...]

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How to boost your search engine rankings


Welcome to our Ultimate SEO Guide for Small Business. This articles provides an overview of SEO, how to optimise your content for search engines,  what keywords are and how to find the best ones and much more! What is SEO? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is used to attempt to make websites appear in a high position in [...]

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5 Ways to Boost SEO With Social Media


Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media are considered to be must-have components of any effective digital marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) really is the grandfather of all digital marketing and social media is where our audiences come together, share and engage every single day. In this article we outline five ways you can [...]

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Why Quality Content is so Important


Quality content has become one of the most important elements of any website, here’s why. There was a time, at the birth of the Internet, when just having a website was something of a novelty. That was a temporary situation and the novelty wore off a long time ago. It then became necessary to [...]

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News from Google – August 2017


Google is an absolute powerhouse, and the volume of data they hold, interpret, learn and evolve from is so extensive it boggles the mind. This data is both a blessing and a curse, as marketers leverage the data to target advertising spend to nth degree and not just through Google. August 2017 saw [...]

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Copywriting Secrets for SEO ranking


What’s more important for SEO ranking, keywords or content? There was a time when keywords were far more important, but not anymore. The reality is that most entrepreneurs and even many online marketers are stuck in the past when it comes to their concept of SEO. There was a time when content wasn’t very [...]

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How to Get the Most from Off-Page SEO


Off-page SEO is an important, but often neglected, part of search engine optimisation (SEO). While it's a good idea to optimise your website, what goes on off page, is equally important. Off-page SEO can help you build your business in ways that on page optimisation cannot. Using off-page SEO is a great way to [...]

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Google Plus Versus Google Maps for Small Business Digital Marketing


What is the Difference Between Google Plus and Google Maps and How Does it Help Your Small Business Digital Marketing? Confused about the difference between Google Plus and Google Maps? You are not alone. Small business owners that are used to Yellow Pages as the go to business directory are coming to realise that Google [...]

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What is Local Search Engine Optimisation?


What is Local Search Engine Optimisation? More and more web searchers are looking for local businesses and Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your business stand out in search engine result pages. Why it is Important for Small Business? As a small business, if you are targeting a local geographic area for your customers [...]

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