What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the future of marketing that permeates creativity and marketability in one place. It is a strategic approach, which is based on the development of effective and relevant content, and it is also focused on the execution of content which appeals to a broader base of audience. Content marketing plays a vital [...]

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Top 7 Ways to Optimize Your E-Commerce Website

Opening the door to enhanced SEO, more customers & sales The world of e-commerce is pretty much like the stars in the galaxy that keep twinkling. There’s constant turbulence in the ecommerce environment, and if you manage to survive amidst the chaos and get things right, you are sorted. As the owner of an [...]

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Small businesses and startups are the boom nowadays. The idea of working for your own benefit and owning your own business has been attracting people young and old. Moreover, small businesses also provide a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to bring their new products and services to the fore for people to make use [...]

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Guide to Small Business Branding

Good branding is great for businesses, no matter whether you are small or giant, operate locally or internationally. What is branding? Branding is what people think and feel about your business. What do your customers actually see when they see your brand? It is important to remember that your brand is not limited to a logo [...]

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Improving Customer Satisfaction in eCommerce

The Internet has changed the nature of business, forever. Today, customers buy from all over the world and while there are certain mega-retailers, like Amazon, anyone can start an online business for very little investment. The very ease with which an Internet business can be started means that competition is high. There's no such [...]

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Countdown to Christmas Digital Marketing Campaign

Tic, toc, the clock is ticking away and Christmas is fast approaching. Are you ready? Do you have your Christmas digital marketing campaign prepared? Planning your Christmas Marketing Campaign 1. Start planning.  Shopping centres and supermarkets take down the Halloween pumpkins and cobwebs and start hanging [...]

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Small Business Website Essentials

No matter the stage you are at with your website, there are some components and features every single website should have. We've already given you tips on how website design helps online marketing, but we are now going to talk through some small business website essentials Clear Content & User Pathway Without a [...]

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How Website Design Helps Online Marketing

Even though online marketing is necessary to draw potential customers to your site, it is your website that does the work of converting potential to actual customers. That ability to convert has a great deal to do with your website design. Your website design helps online marketing by providing a compelling, intuitive and friendly user [...]

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6 Online Marketing Tools For Small Business

Small business marketing can be a monumental task, but having the right tools can save you a heap of time. This article covers our favourite online marketing tools for small business, and best of all, many of them are free! Digital marketing is a whole new world. No longer can you afford to ignore [...]

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Building a Small Business Website? Get Answers to Your Questions

Looking to Build A Small Business Website? A website is a marketing necessity for small businesses.   Good websites are GOLD. A good website, is a serious marketing asset.  It can deliver you new customers day in, day out 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.  If you have been in business for a [...]

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