Tic, toc, the clock is ticking away and Christmas is fast approaching. Are you ready? Do you have your Christmas digital marketing campaign prepared?

2017 Christmas countdown!

Planning your Christmas Marketing Campaign

1. Start planning. 

Shopping centres and supermarkets take down the Halloween pumpkins and cobwebs and start hanging up the tinsel and holly. Make sure you are ahead of the curve by thinking through what you want to do to communicate with customers and boost your sales during this time.

  • The season of giving is a great time to think about special offers and gift packs
  • Gift vouchers, gift cards and gift certificates are a great last minute gift, so have you got them available on your website for sale, do you offer e-vouchers for those last minute emergencies?
  • Do you offer standard and express postage, as well as international shipping to cater to as many people as possible?
  • What’s is your Christmas marketing budget?
  • Prepare Christmas marketing materials – themed social media images, email marketing campaigns, social media advertising…
  • What are your objectives for this campaign? Sales and other metrics (eg. increase number of Facebook “likes” by XXX)
  • Consider your different demographics… will you have separate campaigns for each?
  • Get in touch with your suppliers to see if they are offering any special offers
  • Will you give your customers a gift? If so, start planning!

2. Create a Christmas marketing schedule

Be sure to include each element of your campaign (you may want to continue it into the New Year so that you aren’t working over Christmas!)

  • List every task with a deadline and allocate time for graphic designers, design review, your website designer to get teir work done.
  • Plan backwards starting with your delivery or ‘go-live’ date in mind – or perhaps even the the Christmas cut-off (will you be selling up to midnight Christmas Eve or is there a delivery deadline?)
  • Create your Christmas branded imagery for social media, your website, advertising, etc. There are loads low-cost graphic download sites if you’re not a designer, for example Canva or Fotolia.  Store all your graphics elements carefully as some you will be able re-use next year.

3. Get your website ready with fresh content and useful features like promotional codes and special offers. 

Offering bundle deals through your online shop is a great way to increase the transaction size, but does your website allow you to do it? Can you offer gift wrapping and hand-written gift tags as a special feature for Christmas? You can also have gift vouchers setup to be purchased and emailed automatically, a great time-saver in the busy Christmas season.

4. Ensure you measure ROI.

Have Google Analytics and other tracking mechanisms in place so you can measure and analyse what worked, what didn’t and do more of the first!

5. As a bonus sneaky tip…

have a look at some of your competitors social media images from Christmas last year… what did they do?  What had the most engagement (comments, likes, shares)?  When did they post what?

Did you know:

On Facebook, there are more posts, shares, and comments during the Christmas holidays than any other time of year and each year more people are using mobile devices to shop online, access website and find deals and gift ideas BEFORE they head to the shops or even instead of!  If you are using Facebook adverts, make sure you have them optimised for mobile as well as desktop!!