Copywriting Secrets for SEO ranking

\What’s more important for SEO ranking, keywords or content? There was a time when keywords were far more important, but not anymore. The reality is that most entrepreneurs and even many online marketers are stuck in the past when it comes to their concept of SEO. There was a time when content wasn’t very important. This led to an avalanche of keyword optimised, and even keyword stuffed, websites with poor content.

The search engines reacted to the above situation by changing their algorithms to emphasise content (and context) and punish keyword stuffing. This may have broken a lot of websites but the smart marketers and entrepreneurs took advantage of the situation. They already knew that the majority of consumers were looking for organic content. And so content marketing was born.

The increasing emphasis on content has led some to believe that keywords don’t matter anymore, and while it is true that content is king, it is also true that keywords are still an important part of ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s a matter of achieving the right balance. Don’t forget that quality content is just another aspect of search engine optimisation. 

seo ranking with good content Content is an important part of SEO, right down to the structure of the content itself. Each paragraph should flow into the next and contain only those keywords that would be logically present. Choppy paragraphs that jump from one subject to the next can create the impression that someone is trying to game the system, especially if these paragraphs are overly rich in keywords.

Content should also blend well with website design, and the appearance of the website should convey the idea that it exists for the purpose of providing content. Content should also be specific enough to stay within the parameters set by the title of the article or blog post, while being rich enough to convey truly useful information.

But, how do you decide what is useful information? One way is to look at what the opinion leaders in your niche are writing about. You shouldn’t rip off their content, but it’s perfectly fine to use their content as a launch point for new ideas or as inspiration for new angles on information.

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Also, SERP leaders at the top of page one can give you a good idea of what keywords are important. You should then target synonyms of these words, rather than the words themselves. There’s no point in going toe to toe with the biggest kid on the block.

People with enthusiasm, knowledge and experience are respected. They get backlinks and climb in search engine ranking. In fact, knowledge and passion are the two biggest attractions in content marketing, and you wouldn’t be in the business you are in if you didn’t have both. So, put your passion down “on paper” and let others benefit from your experience. Quality content will boost SEO ranking.

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