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Are you looking for engaging, intelligent blogs for your business?

Look no further.

Our blog writing services will help you connect with your audience, educate and nurture them, in turn building your brand equity and their trust in your knowledge.

Finding time to write detailed, keyword optimised blogs, search engine friendly articles can be incredibly difficult when you are running your own business.  How do you find time to do it on top of everything else?

Did you know that the average website or blog can “go stale” in about a week?

Content is like a hungry shark swimming up from behind and always demanding more.

Keeping on top of your content marketing efforts can be a mammoth task, but we are here to help – cost effectively!

blog writing for small business

Professional blog writing by Australian writers.

No-nonsense pricing. Casual, regular or retainer basis: the choise is yours.

Content marketing – get your content out to the people who matter!

Content on your website can be fantastic for SEO, but what makes it GREAT is when you share it far and wide. Sharing content across social media, relevant websites, forums and more can make a huge impact, bolster your visibility and increase website traffic.

We work with you to understand your target market so that we can send your target to the people who count. Don’t waste money sending your content out to people who aren’t likely to want your product or service – we hone in to understand who, where and when to maximise the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

We can help you get your content seen! Just drop us a line and let’s get started!

blog writing for small business content marketing sharing your content

Blog Writing to Support Your Content Marketing Strategy

The quality of your website blogs lays the foundation for a strong content marketing and inbound marketing strategy, in addition to supporting Search Engine Optimisation.

According to Ascend272% of marketers say relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic.

Add to that, research by HupSpot also shows that companies that blogged 11 or more times per month got as much as 3 times more traffic or 4 times as many leads as those who blogged less than 5 times per month.

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