Email Marketing for Small Business

The power of email marketing should not be underestimated

Email Marketing for Small Business

Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business

Email marketing continues to be one of the strongest methods of communicating and reaching your audience. Not only can it be used for both broad and targeted communication, it is one of the cheapest marketing tools available and is easy to monitor and track performance and return on investment (ROI).

eDM is claimed to have the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel.

In fact, according to Campaign Monitor it provides an ROI of 4400%.

For this reason, email marketing is also incredibly popular and email inboxes are often overflowing with marketing messages from various sources. So how do you stand out from the crowd? How often should you be sending emails? Would your current emails be considered as “spam” or are you delivering real value to your database?

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Make the most of your list of subscribers & new leads from your website with an optimised email marketing strategy.

Small Business Email Marketing Ideas

Here’s just a few types of emails that your small business could be sending to prospects and customers -

  • Welcome emails (eg. sign ups)
  • Abandoned cart emails (whoops, you left something behind!)
  • Email newsletters (here’s some of our latest blogs, new offers, new products, etc)
  • Post-purchase emails (please leave a review, were you happy with our service, and customer satisfaction)
  • Seasonal email campaigns (Christmas, Easter, Fathers Day, etc)
  • Promotional emails (special offers, competitions, giveaways and such like)
  • Re-engagement emails (we haven’t seen you for a while)
  • Activity based emails (eg. You’ve been with us for 14 days, how are you finding everything?)
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Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Email marketing is a powerful strategy that has huge potential if used effectively. Many businesses often underestimate the reach and opportunity for conversion from the “simple” email. Effectively utilising your email database from clients, website visitors and prospective customers through ongoing engagement can reap great rewards for businesses.

78% of marketers say that email is their most effective lead nurturing tool.

At Get Online Australia we offer a variety of email services, including email marketing strategy, research, template design and development and content writing. Using industry leading software we can customise and tailor emails including content, design, workflow timing and more.

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Website Design for Small Business for only $795!

18 Mar 2021
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Getting your small business online quickly, easily and at an affordable price.

We create professional, effective and engaging WordPress websites that are mobile-friendly and built with search engine optimisation in mind.

Feature packed,  get your business online with a professional website. Our knowledge of small business websites ensures that you get an affordable website design that works.

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