Digital Marketing for Small Business: Easy Mistakes to Avoid

Digital marketing for small business can be a daunting task, particularly with lingo like keywords, linking strategies, retargeting and acronyms like SEO, SEM, PPC, PPI, thrown around like lollies at Halloween! It doesn’t have to be complicated and nor does it have to be intimidating.

To help you with your digital marketing for small business, here is a list of a few mistakes that you can easily avoid making!

Failing to Measure your Marketing Efforts

Don’t waste all of that time and effort putting together a marketing campaign and then not measure the results. This is the most common mistake that companies of all sizes make – but particularly small and medium sized ones. Tracking your results will help you identify which marketing is working, and which is not.

  • Monitor your web traffic using Google Analytics
  • Use unique links and landing pages to help identify which works best, which message has the best conversion rate
  • How many sales can be attributed to a given promotion and/or communication?
  • Did your sale result in an increased basket size (ie. the average spend of each customer)?

If you don’t measure the results, not only do you know which marketing is working – but you don’t know which is working the best. Nor, do you have a benchmark for doing even better on your next campaign!

Measuring marketing ROI with google analytics

One message for everyone

The golden rule in marketing is to know your customer – who is your product/service best suited to? Not everyone in the world wants to buy from you, nor do they want to buy your product/service. Trying to aim your product at everyone – the general populus – is going to do a few things. 1) It is going to make you spend (and waste) an obscene amount of money reaching more people than you need to, and 2)  It may be it is suited to different “groups” of people, but you may just need to change how you sell it to them.

Here is an example – women’s gold bracelets.

First customer group:

Who: Women aged 25-49, middle income, enjoy shopping & dressing up, going out on the town, etc.

Message: Spoil yourself, indulge, the perfect accessory for your outfit, etc.

Second customer group:

The husband/brother/significant other of the women in the first customer group.

Message: doesn’t your [wife/sister/etc] deserve the best? Get her the perfect gift.


Making assumptions

Don’t assume what will work, and what won’t. Just because you like something, don’t assume that everyone else will. It is easy to assume that a particular method of communicating (direct mail, email marketing, online advertising, etc) will provide a certain result, but the bottom line is that you don’t know anything until you try it – and measure it!

Optimising your digital marketing


Hiding behind email

In today’s day and age, more often than not people are ringing companies to be answered by an automated message and a lengthy selection of menu items to finally get through to a real human being. Even email conversations end up being an automated reply that may or may not provide the answer that someone is after. Even if you are personally replying to an email, does not mean that your customer (or potential customer) will feel like they are getting personal service. So, pick up the phone! Don’t rely on digital channels to communicate with your customers, even if you are selling digital products!

net promoter score measure your digital marketing for small business

Ignoring Current Customers

The best way to market is to satisfy your current customers – word of mouth is gold, and this comes from your current customers. You need to ensure that your customer experience, and therefore customer satisfaction, is excellent.  Keep a dialogue open with your current customers, ask them for their feedback, and keep them happy.

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