With all the travel disruption at the present time, many people will not be able to take physical flights with the nation’s airlines. However, there is one key area where the type of landing delivered is still of great importance.

Arriving by means of a hard landing

This contrast refers to how people arrive at your website after undertaking a Google, or other, search. During that search, each individual will have entered the keywords or phrases they feel will help them find exactly what they are looking for.

From the list of possible websites to visit, the good news is that they have clicked on yours. The bad news is that they are about to endure a hard landing. This means that, on arrival, they will find themselves either on your homepage or one that simply provides details of all your products or services.

So what is a soft landing?

This time, their click-through takes them to a specific page on your website, one that delivers exactly what they are looking for – rather than expecting them to undertake further navigation. A simple example, if you were searching for an ink refill for a certain printer, your choices would be right there on that page. A hard landing page would simply list all the printers that refills are supplied for and expect you to find the one you need yourself.

Making the most of landing pages

So, delivering soft landings shows you to be in-tune with your prospective customers. It makes it easy for them to do business with you. If this doesn’t happen, the visitor may quickly feel frustrated at being expected to work things out for themselves. A likely reaction? They’ll simply return to their original search and try another option. The outcome? You might lose valuable customers without really knowing it’s happened!

Landing pages can cover key benefits gained, individual products or services, specific geographical locations served, and many other options. Each is designed to provide the welcome of a soft landing and the encouragement for the searcher to feel happy about spending time on your website.

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