eCommerce website arrivals

When potential customers are undertaking web searches, they are often hoping to quickly reach a site with details of a specific product or service. They are not overly impressed by being directed to a generic homepage and then having to figure out the rest of their ‘buying journey’ for themselves. Compare this to a visit to a shopping centre to buy a pair of sneakers. You look in the window of a shoe store but see many other types of shoes – no sneakers. You probably just walk on and search elsewhere. In eCommerce website terms, you could just have lost a potential customer who has clicked back to their search results! Here are some simple guidelines to help ensure you have safe eCommerce website arrivals and stimulate sales growth.

So what’s the solution for safe arrivals?

The answer is often a landing page. These are pages for specific products, single categories or ranges; or perhaps for a key geographical area where you are currently promoting your business.

If the searcher is quickly directed to one of these pages, then they can make an instant connection with your business. What they are looking for is right in front of them – with minimal effort needed on their part. They can be persuaded by specific content rather than having to wade their way through detail that is of no importance or interest for them.

Departures from eCommerce sites

Just as you should be keen to welcome arrivals; it’s just as important that a customer’s progress through your eCommerce site is smooth. This means making the buying experience as simple as possible, including an easy-to-use checkout and payment experience.

On their way, they may have questions to ask about your products or services. So it’s important to make it easy to contact you by offering a live chat box facility, for example.

Returns to eCommerce websites

Many customers might order specific products on a regular basis; therefore, they can bookmark your specific landing page that meets their needs and not even need to undergo a time-consuming search when restocking.

The above processes are designed to avoid a loss of potential custom through buyer frustration. Digital marketing expert and author Kevin Stirtz once said: ‘Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet’. Sounds like a fair description of a landing page.

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