Effective content can make a big difference to your small business website

Creating effective content to fit your start-up or small business website design can be a time-consuming process. But it can also be the make and break of your website, having a massive impact on how your prospects view your business and their willingness to engage with you. As well as considering what to include, you also need to know what simply can’t be included, perhaps through space limitations. So, what is missing from your small business website? Consider these:

Inadvertent omissions

This is another difficulty when completing such work. As has been ruefully commented on by drivers visiting strange towns or cities: why are road signs constructed by those who already know where they are going? It’s this inside knowledge which can lead to key information being missed. Let’s look at a couple of key examples…

Omissions through habit

This happens when the person completing the copywriting forgets that they have inbuilt knowledge that others don’t. For example, if you work within a small business, you know where it’s located, where to park, when it’s open, which payment methods you accept – and much more. Such basic information is a must-know for potential customers, yet can be inadvertently missed when completing content. It pays to take time to list all such factors that might apply to your business.

Omissions through knowledge

Again, being closely involved in a small business, you know all about your products and services, and how they are best used. Therefore, it can be easy to omit some key points through the assumption that everyone understands to the level you do. Equally, a related problem is that such information might be included but be expressed in a way that only experts understand e.g. with the use of technical language or specific jargon. It’s important to appreciate that many customers need a much more basic explanation to be able to appreciate how a product or service can meet their needs or offer a key benefit.

The advantage of ‘outside-eyes’

Our team of web design experts at Get Online Australia can bring keen eyes and a fresh perspective to the key content needs of your small business website design. This is just one of the many advantages that our clients can enjoy. We create a partnership which utilises your expert knowledge and our know-how to craft truly effective web and social media presences.

If you’d like to enjoy a free consultation about how this can benefit your small business or start-up, please contact us now.

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