The Foundation of Social Media Marketing

There are many different digital marketing strategies, all of which tend to be defined individually. And it often turns out that businesses treat each type of marketing in isolation.  Even so, the various aspects of digital marketing, such as search engine optimisation, content marketing, and social media marketing, actually blend together.  When it comes to keyword SEO and content marketing, neither can be effective without sufficient traffic.

Fortunately, there is a way to reach a wider audience for your product or service, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.  It is based on the foundation of social media marketing.

Social media marketing campaigns

If you want to build a social media marketing campaign, then the foundation you must build on is inbound links.  SEO is more than just keyword optimisation.  Search engines rank results based on two major categories, authority and relevance.

Relevance has to do with how closely a particular site meets the search criteria and keywords and content are important parts of this.  However, authority tends to be what drives traffic to your site.  Look at it this way, keywords and content attract search engines and encourage spiders to crawl your site, while authority is what pulls traffic.

Authority is simply the estimation of how respectable and worthy of trust your site is.  In other words, is it a reliable source?  The single biggest element that determines authority is the quality of inbound links.  This is where social media comes in handy.

This doesn’t mean that links coming in from social media sites have a great effect on ranking.  It’s more indirect than that.  Quality inbound links are defined as links coming from sites that already have a high reputation.  They are considered to be reputable sources.  And so links from Facebook and Twitter aren’t looked upon as high quality links.  However, posting on social media can encourage high quality incoming links by increasing your footprint on the Internet.

Social media are distributors of content

Social media sites are, in effect, distributors of content.  If you have intriguing content on a social media site, that content will be placed in front of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people who have never seen it before.  Many of these people are highly regarded and any back link from them, such as journalists or bloggers with a good following, can greatly increase your traffic.

So we can see how content marketing joins with social media marketing as a way of building a naturally occurring structure of quality backlinks.  This structure then increases traffic by raising your website’s position in search results.  It’s a matter of having content on social media sites that attracts the right kind of people.  These people then link to your site and increase the traffic flow. This is the foundation of social media marketing.  The Internet is all about reputation.  Build a good reputation with high quality backlinks and you’ll be successful.

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