Four ways to create an interactive eCommerce experience for your customers

In today’s world, eCommerce websites are a must-have for every retail business. However, some of these websites do not engage customers as much as they could, which is the difference in how effective they are at promoting business growth. Creating an interactive eCommerce experience for your customers will help engage your customers and websites. When you’re posting good, regularly updated content but garnering little response, you need to address your eCommerce website’s interactivity. Here are four ways you can do this.

1. Ensure you interact with social media

Whether you prefer a more formal or friendlier tone, ensure you’re posting updates across your company’s social media channels – and have them in the first place! Instagram, for example, is a fantastic platform for eCommerce businesses as it’s a great way to photograph and show off your latest products to a wide audience of prospective customers. It’s one of the most simple ways to keep your customers engaged and they’ll look forward to seeing what’s new in stock. You can also use your social media profiles to interact with prospects within your eCommerce environment by incorporating your social feed and using Messenger as your live chat function.

2. Ask questions

Whether it’s an automated pop-up chat box in the corner of your screen or a quick quiz inviting customers to find out which product suits them, questions are a great way to help your customers out. It makes the eCommerce experience feel more personal to them, which is always positive. And they’re more likely to find what they’re looking for!

3. Post user-generated content

Another way to make your site more interactive is by using user-generated content. Customers love it when they see their content posted on a website – why not ask your customers to use hashtags to show off their purchases on social media and see what pics they come up with? Don’t forget to ask them for permission before using their photos, though! Purchasers love it when they see others share their experience of using your products/services. Give them this chance and your website will be more effective at engaging your customers.

4. Positively respond to feedback and ratings

It is unfortunate that you will not always receive positive feedback on your website. Some customers will poorly rate your products/services while others will leave negative feedback. Do not ignore this feedback or delete it. Instead, be empathetic, remorseful, and offer them a solution to their problem in your response. This will encourage your customers to remain active with the perception that you value their feedback.

Investing in an interactive eCommerce experience and you will understand the needs of your customers more accurately and provide a better service as a result! Get Online Australia Digital Marketing can advise you how to get the most out of your eCommerce website beyond the tips above. Get in touch with our team today.

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