The future of SEO

There are over 12 billion searches a month on the web and the number is only increasing as more and more people go online and mobile devices proliferate. The number of websites is also increasing exponentially. So, it’s important to look toward the future and see how we can best utilise search engine optimisation (SEO) in this changing environment.Search Engine Optimisation, SEO

While SEO is the process of driving traffic to a site by making that site search engine friendly, what constitutes “friendly” has changed. For example; Google is not indexing “poor quality” sites as readily as it once did. What’s poor quality? Well, Google isn’t exactly saying. However, article sites are rarely appearing in first page results these days and you can be certain that scraped and spun text will hit the bottom of the rankings if it’s indexed at all. This is a good thing, article spinners turn out garbage.  Useful information presented with decent grammar is something that people have a right to expect.

There is considerable debate, at this time, as to how many words should be on a page. Some people say that Google isn’t indexing anything less than 350 words, but this may be an urban myth. The best thing to do is have quality content in the first place.

Social media is also gaining. Marketers will need to engage social media even more strongly in the future. So making sure that your brand is out there on social media greatly increases the chances of showing near the top of the first search engine result page.

Blended results are also becoming popular with search engines, such as blending text with video, charts, graphs and illustrations. Blended results, especially videos, also have a nearly 50% higher click through rate. Of course you will need to study Video SEO to increase your chances of successful indexing.

The number of local searches is also increasing. So, it’s important to have your location prominently displayed. Local searches are also important to attract mobile visitors and so making your site mobile friendly is important as well. In fact, searches through mobile devices are becoming the new normal.

The future of SEO looks bright. The old days of keyword stuffing and other black hat techniques are long gone. Search engines are improving their ability to find quality content and presenting quality content will be the way to stay ahead of the SEO game in the future.

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