Without doubt, there are some businesses that have incredible branding power, and have become household names. Think of Coca-Cola, Nike, Cadbury, and McDonalds, just to name a few. In all these examples, the company is instantly recognisable by the name, logo or even the colour. Cadbury has become famous for their striking purple colour, McDonalds the “golden arches”, and of course the slogan “Just Do It” is instantly associated with Nike. Such is the power of branding.

“Corporate branding refers to the practice of promoting the brand name of a corporate entity, as opposed to specific products or services. The activities and thinking that go into corporate branding are different from product and service branding because the scope of a corporate brandis typically much broader.” – Wikipedia

Never underestimate the importance of developing a brand; create, build, shape and nurture your brand so that it can represent all that your company stands for; both internally (to your employees) but also externally (to your customers and competitors).

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What are the benefits of branding?

There are many benefits that come with strong branding for our business. Firstly, it gives your business an identity, so that you can stand out from your competitors and also be recognisable to both existing and potential customers. The recognition of a brand can also develop into brand loyalty, and becomes ingrain in your customer’s minds.

One of the other key advantages of branding is the ability to “easily” create marketing messages for your business. The brand gives you a set of “rules” that you can use to develop your marketing messages – whether it be colours, language (fun and young versus formal and corporate) or even the style of promotion. Miele is a high-end appliance brand, and they are known for not discounting their prices. By doing this, they are clearly stating that you are paying what it is worth and there is no need for them to discount their product because it’s an investment.

Additionally, a brand can help to build trust with your customers. This trust is obviously not just founded on a logo or a colour, but more extensively the brand’s products, service, and more.


Consistency is a critical component of your brand. Repetition and consistency will help build awareness and trust in your brand.  Choose a logo and stick with it. The more people see it, the more familiar they will become. Determine what type of language suits your business and the customers you work with. Understanding who your target market is and the psychology of your customer is critical.  Your products and services should also be consistent in terms of quality and support given.

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When branding will fail

There are some instances when branding will fail within a business, so do not be –

  • Resistant to hearing what customers, employees and other stakeholders are really saying about your business
  • Resistant to unearthing the talents and personalities of your staff, give them the opportunity to be engaged and become devoted brand ambassadors.
  • Resistant to investing in high-quality components, including high-quality training for staff, so that the customer’s experience is always consistent with the brand message
  • Resistant to being consistent

Setting up your small business branding

We can help you get started with your small business branding including logo design, stationery, email signatures, social media imagery and more. Contact us for more information.