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How Custom Website Design Increases Your Visibility

Verisign performed a 2015 study that showed 84% of consumers believe that a business is more credible if it has an online presence. A custom website design brings those statistics up even higher.

If this is true, then why isn’t optimizing the online presence of your company’s website your number goal?

One of the main focuses in today’s evolving companies is brand management. The branding is the most crucial element to receive the right target audience. Marketers are constantly evolving the brand in the hopes of reaching at least one more customer.

The numbers are clear. Optimizing your website to make it a custom website design can increase overall visibility.

Not convinced quite yet? Here is why your company needs to focus on developing a custom website design.

Improve Your Accessibility

To improve your accessibility, you must be searchable on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The best way to do this is to create a Google My Business account. This will allow your company to pop-up on a search engine. It will showcase reviews, pictures of the business, correct phone numbers to contact, and a website to find more information about the company.

This is when having the website is important. Your company motto, selection of products or services you sell, and an incentive that increases consumer conversion should be discovered there. Take advantage of the CTA you have on your google searches.

Enhance User Experience

Why bore your potential customers with the same designs your competitors are using? One of the most common mistakes a company can make is having a website with the bare minimum.

What does this show your consumers? That your products or services are bare minimum.

Enhancing the shoppable experience for your user can be the difference between being a competitor in the industry or not. You can enhance the overall user experience through graphics, testimonials, beautifully crafted workflows, and purchasing funnels.

Click here to learn more about crafting a unique user experience through a custom website design.

Strengthen Credibility

Considering the statistic from the opening paragraph, your credibility increases immensely when you have a website. Credible websites increase lead generation as well.

Here are a few reasons why having a custom designed website makes you more credible:

1. It shows consistency over a period of time. A visitor trusts a company that does not make a lot of pricing, ingredient, and incentive mistakes.

2. A clear purchasing process. If you ask them to sign up for your mailing list in order to purchase a product, you will lose trust.

3. Helpful FAQ. If you have a Frequently asked questions section on your website, you are saying that you are asked these questions often and that shows that you have a loyal customer base.

4. An up-to-date blog. Having a “me to the reader” section on your website is a fantastic way to increase lead generation. Not only are you bringing people back to your website to hear your tips, but if you include internal links in each post, you can increase your product landing page views.

5. Less Advertising the better. Don’t use your website to drown potential customers with pop-ups they don’t want.

6. Minimal jargon. Even if you don’t know your consumers very well, say you are a new business, do not use words that the average 7th grader will not know.

These are just a couple ways to prove credibility on your website. A custom web design can allow you to still successfully cross-promote products without being too flashy with ads.

Increase Your Visibility

Many companies ask for marketing assistance when they, ‘are not visible to their consumers’. Adding a website to your company will make you accessible, but that is not the end. You need to make your website visible to potential consumers.

Potential customers are likely going to search for your product or service on a search engine. You want your website to pop right up!

Increasing your SEO (search engine optimization) is going to be the best way to do this. This involves changing your website keywords to industry-wide keywords. For example, if your company sells paint your current keywords are likely to paint, paintbrush, and primer. But those may not be the best keywords to boost your site.

If you are interested in learning more about the digital marketing services a company can offer you, check our website out here.

How much does customization cost?

The cost of a custom website design is not concrete. It depends on what you are looking for. Don’t focus too much on the cost. Your ROI will be worth it!


Targeting your specific demographic through geolocation service is essential no matter what costs you pay.

The essential pieces you want in your website are:

  • An ‘About Us’ page
  • Product reviews
  • A backend system that can track who visits your site
  • A place for people to give you their information for possible marketing emails or transactional shipping reminders
  • A heavily branded design to customize your sight

A website costs less than print ads and brochures and is much more effective with the upcoming generation. For additional information on costs and advice on how to customize your site, check out our small business website design packages.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Beating the competition is always a goal in the business world. You want to produce a product or service that excites customers and is diverse enough to separate you from the competition.

Designing your website to help your company stand out will do just that. Give your consumers a unique shoppable experience. Keep it mobile friendly with a responsive design that provides a high conversion rate. Compelling design and informative content will turn your customer’s heads and bring a high ROI for sure.

What do I do with this all of this information?

This information is a lot to take, but hopefully, it will give you a head start in making your website more compelling to your future and current customers.

Beat the competition and make a custom website design sure to win over their hearts.

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