How to boost revenue and market share

How to boost revenue and market share

As marketing personalisation rises in importance, so has the use of email marketing. Just when it was thought to be ‘dead’, email marketing has seen a resurgence. In this post, we’ll highlight effective email marketing campaigns to boost revenue and market share for eCommerce businesses.

1. What’s hot/what’s in

Everyone likes to feel special. Your loyal customers should be told first of new products or promotions – it’s a reward for their loyalty to be ahead of everyone else, and you can use email marketing effectively and affordably for this purpose. Including images of any new products on offer and creating links to the right pages on your eCommerce site are some of the must-dos to ensure conversions.

2. Asking for reviews

At a time when people trust the reviews of others more than anything else, email marketing has a part to play. When your tone of voice comes across as sincere, not sales-led or gimmicky, customers will be generous and honest with their opinions. If they perceive your correspondence to be a genuine effort to serve them better, they’ll share away, so use email marketing to solicit these reviews. Emails are more personal than embedding a request in a post-sales thank you note.

3. Special occasion emails

It’s a classic marketing personalisation tactic. Sending wishes and greetings on milestones such as birthdays can communicate customer intimacy. While it may not drive revenue immediately, it will endear them to your brand. If they’re presented with your competition, this might help you become their first choice.

4. It’s time re-engage

Not every first encounter ends in a sale. Sometimes it’s just a case of “now is not the right time”. Hence, there’s every reason for you to re-engage them. However, the trick is not to re-engage with the same call-to-action. Instead, offer incentives in the call-to-action, for example, “Get a free session when you purchase now.” It can be positioned as helping them to make up for lost time.

Are you looking to use email marketing for your eCommerce business? Speak to us about a strategy that works.

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