How to craft a competitive marketing plan

It’s the time of the year when we begin to reflect on the year before and plan for the year to come. If this is you, this is a good refresher post on crafting a competitive marketing plan. Below is a checklist to guide business owners and marketers.

1. Recap or review your buyer persona

Being clear of your buyer persona is essential for social media marketing. Unless you know your target audience well, your marketing is a trail of hit-and-miss. Know their pain points and communicate effectively your solution for them.

2. Develop a content strategy and execution plan

Without a content strategy and execution plan, your social media marketing will fall flat! You’re at risk of throwing good money after bad. To avoid this, there are a number of things you’ll need to work on here.

– Types of content

– Each content’s goals, for example, the video marketing content must lead to sign-ups

– Analytics, that is, how to track the content’s performance

– Platforms or channels to be used to distribute the content

3. Competition

Unless you’re a monopoly, you’ll have to contend with competitors as hungry as you are for market share. Like a game of chess, you’ll need insights into their gameplan, strengths and weaknesses as well as your edge over them. While they don’t necessarily define completely your marketing plan, it’s good to be aware of them.

4. Budget

You can’t go to war without knowing the number of soldiers, weapons and ammunition you have, can you? It’s the same with effective marketing. Unless you have a budget set aside for the battle ahead, you might run out of it soon. Alternatively, you could end being wasteful in your deployment of scarce resources.

5. Does your business mission need to be refreshed?

Its the most important on the checklist. Time and circumstances may require it to be refreshed. If you’re in the healthy food category, you might want to consider working more with small local farmers and highlight this collaboration. It might deliver the freshness message much louder.

Looking for guidance to craft a competitive marketing plan? Book a strategy session here.

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