How to delight visitors to your eCommerce website

What will make the digitally connected consumer stop at your eCommerce website? After all, you’re one of the millions out there. You can opt to offer discounts after discounts to gain attention, but you’ll soon find yourself in the red. By now, hopefully, you’d have taken cared of these for a start:

  1. Site navigation
  2. Speed
  3. Image quality

If you’re still falling short on any of these, the following steps will not matter. It is only once you’ve ticked all the above boxes that the following qualities will take your e-commerce website experience to a higher level.

1. Security badge

Online scams and phishing are pervasive. They have made people wary of eCommerce. If you’re unknown, people will likely stay away. To counter this apprehension, displaying a security badge helps. It elevates their confidence a notch higher.

2. Social proof

It’s a well-known marketing fact that other people’s experience with your brand is trusted more than the claims you make in your advertising. As many as 4 in 5 people trust online reviews. Ostensibly, the reviews of others are seen as being more genuine, hence, they’re credible. Regularly seeking reviews and embedding them on your eCommerce website is essential to build visitor confidence.

3. Simple checkout process

Once they’ve made a decision to buy, you’ve got to ensure the checkout process is simple. Creating too many hoops to jump through is a turn-off. Having said that, if there is necessary information that needs to be collected, inform buyers early on in the process. For example, if a copy of their identity is needed, customers must know that from the start. Not everyone may have it with them at the time of purchase.

4. Chatbots

It’s the rage for a reason – chatbots. It certainly beats reading FAQs. Immediacy, instantaneous, prompt – all these are inherent expectations of the digital age. Chatbots take your brand closer to delivering them. With further enhancements in the technology expected in the future, the experience can only get better.

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