How to generate more leads from videos

Video marketing holds a lot of promise, but like any marketing tool, it has to be worked on to reach its full potential. In this post, we share tips to sharpen its effectiveness in lead generation.

1. Use in-video contact forms

In-video contact forms provide valuable information about your future customers. From their email addresses to other important information about them, the contact form is a treasure cove of modern-day marketing. Hence, embedding these contact forms on videos across the different platforms you use can contribute towards generating more leads.

2. Use a multi-step form

It can be intimidating for some to be asked for a variety of personal details. With people growing more cautious in sharing information, it’s prudent to adopt a multi-step form. Research has shown adopting this format can increase conversion by nearly 53%. Every question chips away at the barrier people put up when confronted with a contact form. As confidence grows, they’re more open to sharing personal information critical to your outreach activities.

3. Test the placement of your forms

There isn’t a rule-of-thumb governing this. For example, 1 in 2 will drop out after a minute of watching a video. However, placing the form at the end of a video captures more qualified leads. Having said that it is risky. Hence, wherever you decide to place them, test their location, at the start, in the middle, the end or somewhere in between. Get creative but be purposeful.

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