Get a website presence for your business startup

Do you have a great idea and want to start registering future customers? Create a simple website presence that clearly conveys what you are offering and give your startup business or idea a marketing launch pad.

Give your startup idea or business an online launchpad.How to get a website for your startup

Are you trying to find out how to get a website for your startup? Developing a website presence helps you develop your branding and validate your business idea.

“Your website is the single most important communication channel to potential customers, even if your business does not transact online.” – Ruslan Kogan, Startup Smart

Creating a webpage for a new startup can provide a very powerful single entry point to describe your new startup idea, product, service, event, etc.  It acts as the hub for your marketing and channels people from social media, email marketing, search engines or other promotions.

What does your website landing page need?

When a visitor lands on your page, they will be thinking: “What is this? Is this what I am looking for? Or should I hit the ‘back’ button?”.

Therefore the minimum of what you want your visitor to understand – in seconds – from landing on your website page is:

  • What can I get here? What’s in it for me?  Your short introductory text should talk about what the visitor will get from you and how it will benefit them, then give them:
  • A clear path of action for how they will get it and a reason to take this action now.  This could be by entering their email, making a purchase, connecting socially or making a phone call.
  • Further information to answer their thoughts such as: Is this better or worse than other pages I was looking at?  How is it different?  Why would I do this now, instead of in a month?  How are you unique, or better from all the other websites they just saw?

“A unique value proposition is a single, clear and compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying” (Steve Blank).

Startup Website Design Package:

We’ve created a startup package that is: socially connected, responsive (so it can also be viewed on mobile devices) and lead-gathering.  You no longer need to worry about how to get a website for your startup – we take the stress and worry away for you with a simple and affordable solution. You will get everything you need to establish your business startup website. Based on the WordPress content management system, your website is fully scalable and capable of growing with your business.

“Create your site in a content management system that allows you to easily and comfortably update and add content. It is increasingly important that your site stay fresh and offer your audience a reason to return. This not only positions you as a knowledgeable resource, but also improves your position in search results.” – Tyler Jensen, Startup Garage

What’s included?

Startup website Design Package:

  • Your website address (
  • Your new business email address ([email protected])
  • A contact management / email marketing system setup and integrated
  • 12 months website hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Landing page with call to action and email collection

Give your startup idea or business a launchpad with and effective business startup website design from Get Online Australia Digital Marketing.  Turning an idea into a successful business is challenge.  Give yourself a head start by utilising the knowledge and skills of the Get Online Australia team.  We can also help with logo and branding developmentwebsite & digital marketing strategy plus social media management.