How to make your landing pages work harder

An important aspect of effective social media marketing is landing pages. If you are able to overcome the common misconceptions below, you can make them work harder for you.

1.  More landing pages are better than one!

Unfortunately, a landing page can’t produce the impact you’d like to achieve from firing a single silver bullet. You’ll need a few of them. Every shot fired or landing page published takes you closer to your goals. Each is a test of multiple variables that may form the secret formula to drive traffic and convert prospects to customers.

2. Stop copying!

When you get online, it’s landing page template galore! Why reinvent the wheel? We can’t agree more. But someone else’s secret formula may not necessarily work for you in its entirety. Adopting a cut-and-paste approach to using landing page templates should be avoided as much as possible. Your landing page should be created to have relevance to your target audience, category, brand and desired take-out. Use landing page templates available online to inspire you, but make them yours!

3. Watch them grow

Don’t expect your landing page to generate traffic immediately. Be patient as what you’ve launched may need to be fine-tuned. As mentioned above, one of the benefits of creating multiple landing pages is being able to identify what works and doesn’t work. So don’t simply launch them and expect the cash register to ring. Even if it does, it’s important for you to look at the dashboard to know what works or doesn’t for future use. After all, unlike websites, tweaking a landing page isn’t as costly.

4 . Choose the right colour scheme

Have you been put off by CTA buttons on landing pages screaming at you with their red text and outlines? It’s a myth to think it always has to be in red. The choice of colours, or any other elements on your landing page, is a strategic decision to be executed with the help of appropriate creative direction and relevant fine-tuning.

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