How to nurture customer loyalty to drive growth

You’ll change your marketing game plan with this statistic: when customer retention rates are increased by just 5%, profits can rise by between 25%-95%. If you’re in the eCommerce space, this is a significant figure. So, in this post, we’ll share simple steps you can take to nurture customer loyalty to drive growth.

1. Clarity and transparency

Unless you have a brick-and-mortar presence, customers have to rely completely on information available on your eCommerce website to make decisions. This includes deciding to trust, or otherwise, your business as well as the products and services offered. To this end, be clear and transparent with as much information as possible, even though the information may appear mundane. From contact details to return or refund policy, be generous in the information you share. Trust is like a set of bricks – every piece matters.

2. Share relevant and usable content at regular intervals

Content marketing is the quintessential tool of social and digital media marketers. And consumers expect it! At the same time, thanks to the growing use of content marketing, they find themselves floating in the sea of sameness too. Some brands and businesses are guilty of putting out content for the sake of doing it. But there are increasing numbers of consumers savvy enough to spot sameness these days. They’ll scroll away at the slightest hint of similarity or familiarity. It’s important you strive towards posting quality content. Treat it as an extension of your product or service quality promise, and not just another marketing tool.

3. Stay in touch

Whether you choose to use newsletters, emails or videos, the important thing is to stay in touch. Share reviews, news about the company or your thoughts about issues you know is important to your customers. Doing so will lend a louder voice to your brand rather than just always putting out sales or marketing-centric information.

Nurturing customer loyalty is a marketing imperative. It’s a strategic and action plan that must be congruent with the brand promise. Keen to explore other ideas to nurture customer loyalty? Get in touch with us today.

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