How to run effective surveys for your social media marketing

There are a number of reasons why small businesses are unlikely to conduct surveys to gather insights from consumers. These reasons are partially because of the high cost associated with it, as well as the time and effort. Nowadays though, with online survey platforms, conducting effective surveys are simple to carry out and can be done for minimal costs!

In this post, we discuss the three pillars of effective online surveys.

1. Speak their language

It’s important recipients understand the questions. In an online environment, there isn’t an interviewer to explain the questions further. Using participants’ lingo and slang to phrase questions is necessary, especially when respondents comprise niche segments. In addition, speaking their language creates the connection needed to encourage participation.

As long as it doesn’t go overboard and come across as manufactured, you can look forward to a high response rate.

2. Be focused

A short and sharp survey questionnaire contributes towards a higher response rate as well as the validity of the responses.

However, a short and sharp questionnaire, does not mean it is to be made up of only a handful of questions. That will result in inadequate coverage of the issues of interest. As a result, you may risk over generalising the results.

To avoid this, when comprising your survey, you’re advised to be guided by creating concise questions that give you the information you are expecting to learn from the survey.

This will help keep the survey to a critical set of questions and maintain focus.

3. Beyond text

Validity is important when creating effective surveys. Unless respondents remain engaged and interested throughout, they may provide slapdash responses, without thinking them through.

This is worse than a low response rate for a survey.

Fortunately, most online research platforms today are highly versatile. Keeping participants engaged and interested in the use of images and videos as well as incorporating elements of gamification is possible. However, it is important to ensure participants treat the survey seriously.

To run a successful social media marketing campaign, insights from your target audience are invaluable.

Speak to a team member today to discuss running effective surveys.

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