How to stimulate sales growth from your eCommerce website

Revenue generated by the Australian eCommerce market is expected to grow to $43,606m! Online shopping is here to stay and grow. But just being present online is no longer good enough. Like a good retail store, your eCommerce site has to be well designed with a great customer shopping experience. In this post, we will share some tips you can consider.

1. First impression counts

Unlike a physical retail store, it doesn’t take much effort to swipe to the go to the next store, the next and so on. You’ve got mere seconds to attract and persuade a visitor to look around. In order to entice visitors, keep your visitors engaged, and generate sales, it is critical that your eCommerce site looks great and works seamlessly.

In addition, just like in a retail store, you’ve got to make it easy for them to move around, or navigate. Nothing can be more frustrating for a website visitor than to have to deal with unclear or complex navigation. Making it a seamless user experience is paramount to compete effectively in the crowded eCommerce space.

2. Make upsell a logical thing to do

Ever wondered why snacks are placed at supermarket or convenience store checkout counters? It’s not just about convenience. Rather, snacks like chocolate bars, chewing gum and the like are impulsive purchase items. When you’ve spent $100 on groceries, a couple of dollars for a mint or snack bar doesn’t seem expensive. In fact, it just makes sense to have a bar on the drive home (nom nom!).

Similarly, it is imperative you create scenarios that make upselling a logical thing for your online shoppers to do. Prompters such as “you might like this” or “others have bought this with this” can serve as gentle nudges. But it’s important they are perceived to be relevant accompanying purchases.

3. Words sell

Indeed, a picture paints a thousand words. How your products have been photographed and showcased on your site matters. Add in the right copy for each product, you are transforms your product into a compelling story. Your choice of words and phrasing to accompany the image matters. Your eCommerce site shouldn’t look like the racks on a shopping aisle with a price tag next to the product.

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