How to up-sell without annoying customers

Although customers aren’t closed to upselling, some are turned off by how it’s done. It’s not unusual for eCommerce websites to have pop-ups recommending upgrades to purchases already made. After all, they are a captive audience. But people do not like to be sold to and it places unnecessary pressure on them. Counterintuitive to what you are trying to achieve, sales-heavy techniques will turn people off! Given this backdrop, how can eCommerce businesses upsell without annoying customers? In this post, we’ll look at creating opportunities to upsell post-purchase.

1. Be targeted in your offer

Almost 3 in 5 consumers reported being positively impacted by personalisation efforts of brands and businesses. How can brands achieve this impact? The data collected from completed transactions form the building blocks of greater intimacy with customers. With this deeper knowledge and understanding, you’re in a strong position to upsell purposefully. Your upsell offers will be more targeted and relevant; hence, increasing the chances of a ‘buy’.

2. Harvest the data gathered

As mentioned above, you’re data-richer with every sale made just as you’re likely to be financially richer too. But neither amounts to anything unless you use them to soar further. For a start, implement the discipline of retrieving the data and analysing it on a periodic basis. In itself, this data may mean little, or seemingly nothing. But when you string several metrics together, they can reveal lots about your customers. It’s unwise to treat your eCommerce website as nothing more than just a virtual store. It’s a reservoir collecting data and insights each time it rains with purchases.

3. Sustain the conversation

Every sale marks the beginning, or perhaps continuation, of a conversation with customers. Your next challenge is to sustain it and nurture the relationship. It’s much easier to upsell when a relationship already exists. Using email marketing automation software, you can sustain a meaningful conversation with customers. Sharing relevant convent, providing product or service updates, as well as running targeted promotion campaigns are some of the things you can do to drive upsell initiatives.

We hope this post has changed your views of upselling on your eCommerce website. To learn more about the approach, connect here.


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