How to use content marketing in times of crisis

For many small businesses in Australia, COVID-19 will be the biggest crisis to date. Despair, helplessness and anxiety characterise the emotions of many small business owners. Although government assistance is available, they are temporary shelters to weather the storm. Good business practices must prevail to come out on the other end stronger. On this note, content marketing remains relevant in times of crisis. However, the copy and messages you post will need to be tweaked accordingly. Let’s look at some tips below.

1. Show empathy and support

We are living in a period riddled with uncertainties. Business closures, job losses and the fear of catching the bug have added to the stress and anxieties. As an entity that occupies a big part in the lives of your customers, your brand or business has a role to play in showing empathy and support. Hashtags such as #wearewithyou #wevegotyoucovered and #wereinthistogether are growing popular now and can help chase the blues away. Watch this ad by the world’s leading furniture and furnishing retailer for inspiration.

2. Stay in touch

It’s hard to think of a business that has not been impacted by this crisis. As you scramble and hustle to keep the cost of business down, review your pricing strategy and source for new ideas, one of the simplest things you can do too is stay in touch with customers. While in the past you have used content marketing primarily to sell, now you’ll be using it to just stay in touch and reassure. The words and language will have to be altered to suit the prevailing mood but it can be an excellent opportunity to develop a loyal and lasting relationship with your customer base.

3. Share what you’re doing

Whether it is the measures the business is taking to keep customers safe or future plans post-COVID-19, use your content marketing to share them with customers and prospects. Now is not the time to go into ‘hiding’. It’s actually the best time ‘to come out and play’ purposefully. If you’re in the food business, you might begin to share “We are upgrading our ordering system so you don’t have to share the same information every time.”

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