How to use email marketing to sharpen your competitive edge

Social and digital media marketing is the staple marketing gameplan of every brand and business. With 3.6 billion users of social media worldwide, it’s a goldmine for marketers. Given this fact, how can you stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in email marketing. In this blog, we discuss easy-to-use tactics to sharpen your email marketing gameplan.

1. Do not try to sell

Although its the ultimate aim of any marketing effort, overt selling approaches using social and digital media can trigger a backlash. It’s the same with email marketing. Now that you have a personal connection with the prospect or customer, which is the advantage of email marketing, use the opportunity to share valuable insights and useful information to nurture the relationship. Treat it as a courtship that will materialise into sales at some point in time.

2. Divide and conquer

The biggest mistake you can make is to treat everyone in your emailing list similarly. This can lead you to send irrelevant content to prospects and customers in the database. Now, it’s unlikely you possess only their email addresses and names. They’ve probably shared more ‘intimate’ details of themselves you can use for segmentation purposes. Analyse the information and categorise them accordingly. Using the insights, differentiate the content you distribute accordingly to ensure relevance. This is the first step in personalising your marketing.

3. Be creative

Email marketing technology has evolved significantly in recent years. You are no longer confined to a string of words differentiated by font types, use of italics or bold, colour and underlines to emphasise a point or two. Interactivity has arrived in email marketing. You can even gamify some elements in your emails or send video emails. When used appropriately, these can elevate engagement.

4. Be mobile-friendly

Nearly 1 in 2 emails are opened on people’s mobile devices. It’s good news for marketers because the chances of an email being missed are lower, assuming they’re interesting. Hence, it’s important your email design is mobile friendly.

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