How to use images of your products effectively

Your eCommerce website is an important brand touchpoint. But poor visualisation of your products can mar this. Hence, to ensure your eCommerce website lives up to your brand’s value proposition, the images of your products play a vital role. Besides, capturing the ‘good side’ of your product online can be the deal clincher.

A picture paints a thousand words. If you’re in the eCommerce space, you’ve got to have this written on the wall somewhere. It helps it to stand out amongst the millions of similar products in the virtual mall. So, in this post, we share tips to ‘romanticise’ your product’s look-and-feel online.

1. Use props

The aim isn’t to over-dramatise your products. Rather, it is aimed to add ‘texture’ to its visual presentation. While a plain white background can work sometimes, the right props can add contextual relevance as well as bring to life the product. For example, placing a floor lamp next to your single-seat sofa almost immediately conjure moments of relaxation.

2. Situational portrayal

Would it excite your target audience to see how easy it is to use your paint with no ugly drops of it on the floor? It’s hard to imagine people pouring through the details of even the best-written ad copy. After all, people are visual creatures. Choosing the appropriate situational portrayal for your products can deliver the message succinctly and quickly too.

3. Show people with it

Showing people with your product increases engagement (2). Lending a face to your product creates an emotional connection, especially if the target audience sees himself/herself in the person shown. That engagement is a step away from creating relevance.

4. Shots from multiple angles

It’s not unusual for a shopper to pick up a product in-store and look at it from multiple angles. Online, they’re looking for the same experience too. Hence, it’s important to have shots of your product taken from different angles. If your product has a heavy design emphasis, this is absolutely critical.

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