How to write copy for your website that prospects love to read

A website’s copy is the core text to describe who you are, what you sell and why people should buy from you. Your choice of words is the key to unlock the target audience’s hearts and minds. Unfortunately, too many businesses overly focus on the SEO side of the copy at the expense of the need to be consumer-centric. This post is a gentle reminder of the importance of staying consumer-centric.

1. Use the voice of the customer

This shouldn’t be new to you. Whether it is your website or sales copy, using the voice of the customer ensures ease of understanding. While it’s tempting to come across as professional or technical, it’ll sometimes fall flat when the target audience ‘misses the point’. For example, “Thought leadership principles to scale growth” can easily be written as “Grow your business using proven leadership styles.”

2. Features tell benefits sell

We get it! Feeling proud of your product’s or service’s features is natural. Sadly, not many in your target audience really care, at least not at the start. Their only concern is “what’s in it for me?” or in other words, “will it solve my problem?” Good copy makes it easy for consumers to decide if a product or service is the right solution. Hence, it’s important the selling points aren’t buried beneath a heap of words that don’t really matter or matter very little to them. Share your features only when you are asked, “How does it do that?”

3. Embed your brand values

As an eCommerce business, your website is everything. Aside from it being your store, it’s also the medium through which you communicate your brand positioning as well as values. Although a picture paints a thousand words, accompanying them with the right copy will amplify your brand values. When they resonate well with the target audience, they’ve probably marched a few steps further towards making a purchase or in the least keep your brand top of mind.

Have you read your website copy recently? How does it make you feel? Are they enticing? Book a strategic consultation session here.


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