Is your nose pressed too close to your small business website?

This headline might well evoke an image of a kid, nose pressed to the glass of a toy shop, looking longingly inside. It might also bring to mind an artist, brush beside nose, adding lots of fine detail to their canvas. Neither is prepared to step back, which brings us to your small business website. The artist will never gain true perspective unless he or she looks at their painting from the distance where an audience would stand.

It can be the same with your small business website

You might not be as physically close as having your nose pressed to the screen – but what about mentally? Of course, you are proud of your business and know how good the products or services you are offering actually are. The danger is that the content of your site majors on this. Why is this a problem? Because your potential customers are looking at the same page, but in their mind is the question, what’s in it for me? Therefore, to be as effective as you’d want, your content needs to be shaped to their viewpoint, offering the benefits they seek, solving the problems they have, helping them achieve their ambitions. Otherwise, the content can be likened to the person you meet at a party who only talks about themselves; you are simply their audience.

The problem of ‘bad language’ on your website

Not swearing – but a language that the person reading the content doesn’t understand at all, or to the level that business insiders do. Each field of business has its own private language, comprising of those slang or jargon terms often used as shortcuts. Yet, many of your customers probably aren’t experts. Therefore such terms can confuse them, or even lead to a reluctance to do business with a company they might not fully understand! Where such terms have to be used, say as descriptors of key features, it is wise to offer an explanation. Those in the know won’t mind having their high level of knowledge confirmed; others will simply welcome the clarification.

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